Direction-less ![]( My boyfriend told me earlier in the weekend that I seemed to be direction less. He pre-empted his comment by saying that it was not necessarily a bad thing. I am someone who takes any criticism rather personally, so I felt like going in one direction...and picking a fight. What he meant was that I was a free spirit, someone who can change jobs, careers, countries and lives. His opinion got me thinking about life, values and priorities. Yeah, I could be labelled an impulsive person. But was I really a free spirit? In 30 years, I had changed three countries and had about six jobs. I wouldn’t call any of them careers but on average I stayed at each job for around two years. I have always felt that my life is like a ticking clock. I have the feeling that I will not live to be very old, so in a sense I need to do everything now…now…now..which may seem like impulsive and direction less to other people. Or maybe I just have attention deficit disorder! But I am definitely a planner…a social planner at least. I’m busy until mid May! A career has one of those things that have never been important to me. My most ambitious goal in life is to have many experiences, no regrets and to visit as many countries in the world. I’d rather have an empty bank account and a passport full of stamps then drive a Mercedes Benz and be a Manager or Company Director. So maybe my direction is like of one of those road signs with a lot of curves and with an arrow on the front. My life will take many directions and curves but I’ll always go forward and never look back. My life partner can be the ambitious one..the one with money and the nice car. I’m happy to just be a desperate housewife! Only catch is I may need to learn how to cook!