# Craigslist Dating Secrets ![](https://i.imgur.com/sedEQzV.png) https://craigslist-personals.linkxl.com/https://wbdc.globalclassroom.us/portal/view/view.php?id=133 https://searchengines.guru/go?link=https://www.loveawake.com https://findnerd.com/list/view/You-Want-To-Move-To-Canada-Why/102830/ https://www.sparkfun.com/wish_lists/169802 https://www.notebook.ai/documents/155851/ https://conifer.rhizome.org/opelka/social-and-economic-liberalism-have-the-same-effect https://projects.growthhackers.com/cards/equalists-vs-realists/aP091JBdFHZxcmEs1hGWow https://blog.ulifestyle.com.hk/article/okcupid/4226908/balance-not-equality https://imageevent.com/okcupid/whymrahasbeenandwillcontinuetobe And on the flip side, you can meet someone who seems to love every second of life, and they could just be a pill-popper haha. It takes more effort to think about things like this, though, and I think you need to 1) experience a lot of different people and personality types AND 2) have the mental capacity to actually think about how one characteristic (race, orientation, age, whatever) is not 100% directly correlated to another personality characteristic. This is why I feel like I’ve seen a lot more bigotry in the more rural, isolated areas I’ve lived in. So, as someone else said before, people are mixing more and more and hopefully one day this will all fade away, or become a very bizarre and rare phenomenon. But, completely denying the fact that people who come from different cultures have different outlooks is sort of avoiding the issue, as well, and I hate when people think that ignoring that is better- to me, I think knowing more about the specifics (especially if you’ve worked with a lot of immigrants or 2nd-generation-ers, which there were a lot of in DC) helps you understand how some cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings because no one is a blank slate. You just have to think of it as learning how to understand where different people come from, and not judging them for having a different cultural upbringing etc. I *do* have generalizations that I think about different genders, races, religions, etc., but I know that they are generalizations and not laws, and they’re overall not labeled with a positive or negative. There are things I agree with and disagree with the way all cultures are- there’s no one perfect way for a person and/or society to be!- so I’m not going to say I have no biases, but they sort of even out across the board, if that makes sense. Only now instead of an ad mag featuring a couple of nude shots with about as much sex appeal as a Greek statue we’ll have a feminist mag with a couple of nude shots that will turn any young man looking at them INTO a Greek statue! I think the biggest reason this is happening is because playboy is outdated due to online and, with emphasis, free pornography, which is easily accessible (internet connection). Playboy is part of the old media paradigm, it’s brand awareness established decades ago is all its got, minus that, it has nothing, in fact, its effectively obsolete just like the rest of old media. Indeed, we’re seeing a trend here, which can easily be misunderstood. Old media and other old institutions such as old academia are feminized, that much is true, but both of those models are already dead. It may seem like they have staying power and for the moment it appears that feminism is taking over, but, as iCulture applications grow in sophistication they’ll die, rapidly I might add. For instance, media content will not be centralized for much longer, for that matter academic accreditation won’t either…that will break the progressive control and their power. The more I think about it, believe it or not, the future is looking to be increasingly more conservative or, at least, non-progressive. Why, simple, disruptive technologies.