# Neg and Asshole overkill ![](https://i.imgur.com/SFBQi77.jpg) https://ca-craigslist.rosadoc.be/ https://ca-craigslist.e-sixt.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.startvriend.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.winkel.net/ https://ca-craigslist.jougids.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.bannerstartpagina.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.startway.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.nvp-plaza.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.rmdplay.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.startdigitaal.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.hetmooistedorp.be/ I think one of the most common fuck ups for beginners trying to learn game is Negging and the over use of asshole game. There are many definitions for negs but for the sake of simplification on this post, a neg is flirtatious backhanded statement that slightly lowers her self esteem and raises your value. Lately by just watching interactions at bars and clubs I’ve seen a lot of guys failing miserably at using negs. Asshole game and negs aren’t something that should be used by everyone all the time. I very rarely need to use negs and even more rarely use asshole game. If you’re a skinny white dude and visually lean towards the nerdy or artistic side then using negs and asshole game will be more powerful and add contrast to your clean cut image that will attract more women. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum like me with extremely muscular physics, tattoos, and a well place scar. Then your bad boy/ asshole image is spoken for without you having to even open your mouth. So it would make more sense and work better for me to be extremely polite and compliment instead of neg. If I used asshole game and negs all the time there would really be no mystery to me from a female point of view would there. Another reason why negs often fail is because of the target. In DC 6 & 7’s think they’re 8’s & 9’s simply because of their intelligence hardly because of their looks. But most of the time these girls are gassing themselves up. Spend enough time with enough DC women and you’ll quickly find out that deep down inside DC women are probably one of the most insecure women on the planet. As a general rule negging a 6 or 7 is a waste of time and wont increase your chances of a hook up as much as negging an 8 – 10. So if a girl does look good enough to properly neg avoid some of the common mistakes. Never ever open with a neg. The first words out of your mouth shouldn’t be anything negative at all. Wait at least five minutes to build some positive attraction and make sure there’s equal flirtation going between the both of you before dropping a neg. I mean I’ve never heard a girl say, “I wasn’t going to fuck you but then you made a joke about my purse being big enough to hide a dead midget and my panties got too wet” Don’t neg on her physical appearance. Again most women are insecure about something so a harmless neg about her Megan Fox like baby thumb could be the one body part she’s surprisingly ashamed of (who knew). And you end up blowing your chances. Also be very carful about negging her hair style or cut, I’ve seen a guy get stabbed for that shit, so consider yourself warned. Keep everything equal and try to neg after a positive compliment. Also don’t drop more than two negs the whole conversation with one girl. Anther thing to remember is if you’re in a conversation with a group of girls never neg more than one girl in the group. If you go up against two this can backfire and have them team up against you. If you’re on a date and you chances of getting laid or making out look good, don’t neg, it will get you no where. I shouldn’t have to even say this but no neg or nothing close to being negative should ever be said to girl after clothes start coming off. Now even though I myself don’t often use negs, I do have one that a sure fire kill shot and always works for me on any girl I use it on. When first talking up a girl I listen for her tell me an interesting story about something she did in her past a funny story, whatever. When she’s done wait a few seconds and smile before saying, “That’s ok, I did the same thing when I was your age”. At 29 I’m at that magical sweet spot of dating where I’m by no means too old or too young. I can usually tell if the girl is younger than me so my comment usually leads to an, “how old are you” conversation and puts the younger girl (even by a few years) in a qualifying position. Now if the girl is older than me and it’s obvious, when she asks me how old I am, I rebuff the question by saying, “I’m old enough to be in this bar” and keep the conversation going. I let the intrigue and curiosity from that moment build. In the end Negs and asshole game can be very tricky. Project confidence in the way you walk and carry yourself, learn the skills it takes to project being an alpha and you’ll find yourself in situations where using a neg is not really needed. But like an atomic bomb if it must be used, review my notes from above, then George Bush the button.