# We No Speak Beta-cano The set up, it was a former coworker from a previous job that worked near my current job. I had heard through the grape that she was recently separated, moved out and getting a divorce. I had always been interested in her from a distance but never really even flirted, what was the point. All of a sudden I remembered her raven hair, freckles and incredible rack on such a slender frame. Stuck in a snowstorm I saw her online and suggested we meet up for a drink to catch up on old times. She agreed since it appeared neither of us would be going anywhere any time soon. The bar was in walking distance of both of our offices and I wasn’t surprised when she brought another male coworker who was obviously beta from 21 Jump Street. She’s the kind of woman that’s old fashioned and concerned about appearances and how things look. She didn’t go around announcing her impending divorce and therefore wanted everything to appear on the up and up. Not that it wasn’t but the dude was a buffer a patsy to a woman that wanted heat but wasn’t ready for any fires any time soon. The conversation starts out normal, I am polite and let beta IT dude lead for a little bit, while I sip on my long island. I’m carefully dissecting her while we all take turns talking about my former office. She looks treadmill skinny, like she spends all her time over exercising and not eating or sleeping enough. I realize that there’s something about me that’s attracted to a woman in her state of distress. As if a woman is even more beautiful when her world has crashed and her illusions of life and love meet the reality of things. She is raw, an exposed nerve ending I want to poke. I decide it’s time to take over the conversation. Me: I heard that George Clooney’s girlfriend just now found out that he doesn’t ever plan on getting married again. her friends say that if he doesn’t ask her soon she’ll leave him. I’m sure he’s really worried about it (smirking) Her: I think that’s terrible, it’s typical of most guys just wanting to have their cake and eat it too. Me: I completely disagree, it’s not about that. This woman has one of the world’s most desirable men who’s willing to date her and be 100% exclusive with her for the rest of his life and that’s not good enough, she’s going to demand marriage? Her: I guess I’m old fashion and believe in marriage, it’s what you do when you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Me: I don’t have a problem with marriage. I just believe that I don’t need someone telling me to repeat vows in front of witnesses proves anything about love or commitment. In the business of life and love there are no guarantees just intent. Again at this point she hasn’t officially come out and told me she’s in the middle of divorce. I’m also sure that IT guy doesn’t know. But this was a quick little exchange to get the subconscious working. IT dude brings up another ex employee and how she had a couple of tattoos that were exposed when she wore certain outfits. I mentioned the fact that tattooed ex coworker and I had swapped information about parlors to check out. This is when divorcee asked me how many tattoos I had, the meaning behind all of them, and if I was planning on getting any more. Beta was blocked out of the conversation since he didn’t have any (neither did she but she was obviously interested ). The conversation naturally turned to the type of women I typically dated. I mentioned I didn’t mind girls with tattoos and hinted to having gone through a brief stripper phase. Summing it up with there’s a special place in my heart for bad girls (the total opposite of her). When it was her turn I said, “let me guess, you probably date ex Georgetown lacrosse players named Chip Huntington Adrews III. Who like to wear popped pastel polo shirts and pants with gold fish or golf clubs on them” My guess was so perfectly exaggerated that she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. When it came to IT guy it was predictable and boring not even worth remembering. When I came back with the second round of drinks IT guy was finishing a conversation with some other group of guys and she turned to me and said, ” I just want to let you know that I’m really having fun getting to know you, you were always so quiet and reserved” Then Beta came back. At this point it was like two adults trying to have a conversation while baby sitting. Even though all three of us where talking about one topic it felt like her and I were discussing a totally different conversation that he simply couldn’t mentally grasp. From the look in her eyes there was a certain high that came with having a conversation with a real alpha male. What made it even better was the fact that I kept Beta involved. It was like I was bilingual, talking about patent law and potential company risk with IT Beta and then discussing how it’s possible to work with someone everyday for years and not know they could be some serial killer. This of course was a metaphor for marriage and being with someone for years and never really knowing who they are on the inside till it’s over. ![](https://i.imgur.com/eXoek8M.png) https://ca-craigslist.linkenbay.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.zibb.nl/ https://ca-craigslist-.startpleintje.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.overzichtje.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.come2me.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.belsign.be/ https://ca-craigslist.startpaginas.org/ https://ca-craigslist.goedbegin.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.startfreak.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.startentree.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.linkstartup.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.jestartpagina.nl/ https://ca-craigslist.nonnerie.nl/ We’d eventually leave the bar and part to walk our separate ways through the snow. I felt bad for them. The beta who’s lack of experience with women was so obvious as soon as he said hello. The fact that there were things he’d go his whole life without ever knowing about them (and maybe the fact is he’s the lucky one in his ignorance). Then there’s her. Damaged, exposed and skinny. She seemed eager to talk, left slightly frustrated that neither of us could really say anything about what we wanted to say. That the simple conversation with an alpha male was enough to give her a buzz she hadn’t experienced in a while. For me it was just another way of being, a conversation that opens doors, and how many doors I’ve opened with a hello, and how many doors I still have to walk through.