# EDU Team 10 JUNE 2022 **Brief Summary** - met with funding team to plan grants workflow moving forward - met with editor for tl;dr - started research for upcoming NYC workshop that I will host ~21st June re: NFT markets - Continuing EDU office hours - helped community member, Lyudmil, draft a fast grant proposal to be technical support and host office hours when I'm unavailable. **Results** - funding team will require us to handle more of the grant managing than we anticipated. Will need to strategize on that. - The tl;dr editor, Jordan will start on 13th June with Stablecoins and Dev Track episodes. He seems competent, and excited about the project. - Harshit, Shreyas, and Todd Murtha have been helpful in my NFT market R&D for the upcoming workshop - Lyudmil has a great grant proposal focused on optimizing technical support in the NU server along with gathering data that will hopefully help surface insights about the community **Challenges & Blockers** - Imporvements made in grants flow, but Funding team needs us to onboard to their current contract management solution. We should focus on content of grants; not mechanics of grants management. - Post production will take time to tweak. - Need to add timestamps to scripts to help Jordan with graphics placement. - I'm trying to be more active in my local NEAR community, but it's difficult to set boundaries on my time, while also being more open to community opportunities. - Lyudmil is a good guy, but with a lack of formal training as a technical support member, it will be difficult to manage his progress. **Action Items** - meet with EDU grants team about ways we can spread the management of our grants. - experiment with several different approaches for converting tl;dr scripts into edit scripts. Have four scripts ready by Monday - research NFT space, and work with team members to create a great presentation that reflects EDU mission and values ###### tags: `edu`