# KademliaCon ``` What: a conference about p2p, focused on DHTs, discovery, and gossip. When: Thu, Aug 31, right after SBC; 10am-5pm. Where: Fischer Conference Center @ Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford. Why: to improve the performance and security of permissionless protocols Brought to you by: Ethereum Foundation and volunteers. ``` ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/B1sCi4jI2.jpg) The recordings for 2022 can be found [here](https://kademlia.notion.site/KademliaCon-Links-Slides-and-Recordings-065487dca2ce4cc1a699d775331d269a). ## Registration The conference is currently full. Thank you for all your applications! ## Agenda `0930`: Welcome, coffee. `1000`: ***DHTs over git: Unlimited lifespan, unlimited space, weaker Sybils*** -- Petar Maymounkov, Protocol Labs / Kademlia co-inventor `1030`: ***Content Censorship on the Kademlia DHT***, Srivatsan Sridhar, Stanford `1100`: ***Overview of Discv5*** -- Felix Lange, go-ethereum / discv5 `1130`: ***A practical approach to provide Ethereum Archival Data to constrained devices utilizing Kademlia*** -- Kolby ML, Portal `1200`: ***Lunch*** `1300`: ***How to do peer to peer live streaming with 5 second latency*** -- Bram Cohen, Chia / bitorrent `1330`: ***Blockchain Nodes are Heterogeneous and Your P2P Overlay Should be Too*** -- Naqib Zarin, Heliax `1400`: ***Perigee: Efficient Peer-to-Peer Network Design for Blockchains*** -- Soubhik Deb, EigenLayer / UW `1430`: ***Transforming Kademlia code to large-scale DAS simulation*** -- Csaba Kiraly, Codex `1500`: ***PANDAS: P2P Advertisement Network for Data Availability Sampling*** -- Michał Król & Onur Ascigil & Sergi Rene, Datahop `1530`: ***A rigorous security analysis of old and new data availability sampling schemes*** -- Mark Simkin, Ethereum Foundation `1600`: ***State of Celestia’s p2p*** -- Hlib Kanunnikov, Celestia `1630`: ***Leveraging Kademlia DHT for Efficient Data Availability Sampling: A Pragmatic Approach*** -- Ljubiša Isaković & Momčilo Miladinović, Avail `1700`: ***CONF-FIN***