# Light client session - Guillaume - Gajinder, Phil -- * What is a light client? * What is the light client summit * How do I apply to talk about my project? * How did you first learn about light clients? And how did you engage with the technology over the years? * Since the move to PoS, light clients have received a lot in-protocol support. Did this cause more users of light clients to appear? * Why do you believe light clients are an important piece of the blockchain puzzle? * There have been many attempts at building light client software, why would you say they have yet to reach mainstream adoption? * What is verkle and what role does it play for light clients? * There have been some recent discussions about possibly using a different hashing function for verkle - do you have any comments on that? * Has there been much though on how sate will be managed in a post-verkle world? Clearly it will be possible for full nodes to validate blocks with only witnesses. But is there concern if the majority of nodes do not have the full state? * If a full zkevm-ification were to happen at L1 in the next 5 years, do you think verkle would still be as relevant? What would be the pros/cons of an L1 with verkle vs. an L1 with MPT, but zkp'd? * Is there a use case for L2 light clients? for L1 light clients in an L2 world? * Should the light client technology be harmonized across L1/L2s? * How are lightclients going to interac`t with Account Abstraction ? * Final question: lighclients, the tech, or lightclient, the core dev? :clown_face: