CDT Monthly Call Apr 1 2020 === ###### tags: `Meeting` :::info - **Location:** [:computer: Zoom Meeting]( ([full details below](#Connection-Details)) - **Date:** Apr 1, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) ([Calendar/ICS]( - **Agenda** (with person leading the section) 1. Welcome and sign yourself in [name=Jonah Graham] [name=John Dallaway] [name=William Riley] [name=Alexander Fedorov] [name=Jeff Johnston] [name=Tony Homer] [name=Phil Mason] 2. Actions from last meeting 3. Major Version Bump and API Breakage Policy - Please feel free to review updated [policy]( documents - **Contact:** <> - **Reference:** [Last month meeting]( ::: ## Connection Details Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 545 364 607 Dial by your location find your local number: ## Actions from last meeting details ## Minutes - Move to Java 11 from 2020-09 - This includes bumping BREE to Java 11, building CDT with Java 11 and requiring Java 11 to run CDT - Build machine will be updated to use a Java 11 JDK for build and test - CDT 10.0 in September - All bundles *can* have Major version bumped if needed - CDT 10.0 will come from the current master branch - CDT 9.11.1 in June - CDT 9.11.1 will come from the current cdt_9_11 branch - Any fixes on master branch that want to be can be backported to the cdt_9_11 branch - While the plan is to release 9.11.1 in June, we can release service releases of 9.11 whenever we want and if there are bugfixes before June we want to release we should do that too. - Action: Announce on cdt-dev. - Shared link for JustJ project proposal: - Next meeting: [June 3 at 11am](