CDT Monthly Call May 6 2020 === ###### tags: `Meeting` :::info - **Location:** [:computer: Zoom Meeting]( ([full details below](#Connection-Details)) - **Date:** May 6, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) ([Calendar/ICS]( - **Agenda** 1. Welcome and sign yourself in [name=Jonah Graham] [name=John Dallaway] [name=William Riley] [name=Alexander Fedorov] [name=Jeff Johnston] [name=Tony Homer] 2. Actions from last meeting 3. Make a roadmap 4. Review of policys - Adopt code review policy (Take inspiration from [Theia]( - Minimum requirements to submit committer gerrits. - Refactoring & reviewing end of life / deprecated code. 5. CDT 10.0 breaking changes progress [Bug 559549]( - Arduino plug-ins removed [Bug 562498]( 6. Java 11 progress [Bug 562494]( 7. Target Platform updates [Bug 562790]( - **Contact:** <> - **Reference:** [Last month meeting]( ::: ## Connection Details Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 545 364 607 Dial by your location find your local number: ## Actions from last meeting details ## Minutes ### 3. Make a roadmap (This was a long discussion, taking up most of the meeting. I - Jonah - did not record notes as we went.) We had a long discussion on what should be in the roadmap, this included: - C++ new language support - Managed Build - Core build At the moment there are still lots of things that can be done. There appeared to be some consensus on leveraging language servers going forward. There is an open question as to how, which Jonah summarized as one of these options: - Embrace the CDT parser and bring it (and continue to maintain it) with all the new C/C++ features. This option means language servers are not needed. - Freeze the existing parser and dedicate most all new work on integrating language servers - Balance of the above two options - e.g. having a way to switch between new language server and existing CDT parser on a per-project(?) case. Some of these discussions extend beyond the scope of the CDT devers on their own with the hope that a dedicated working group can resolve these issues across CDT and other projects such as Theia and Che under the Eclipse banner. Please [sign up]( to the mailing list for the embedded tools working group or review the [archives]( Action: Jonah to write a roadmap ### 4. Review of policys We had some discussions in this regard. Mostly we are going with the status quo, but requesting that generally committers don't submit other committers gerrits until the submitter has provided a +1/+2. Ideally all gerrits would be multiply reviewed as well, but there is no official policy on this. Each committer has their own responsibility that they understand the code they are modifying if they want to submit it without additional review. ### 5. to 7. These items were announced/reminded without any further discussion. ### Other Jeff reported that Linux Tools will be doing a major version release in 2020-09 too. ### Next Meeting - Next meeting: [June 3 at 11am](