# HackyHour Würzburg 88 ## Live - **When:** Monday February 26^th^, 2024 at 5pm c.t. - **Where:** Physics Department - Seminar Room SE2 in [building P1](https://wueaddress.uni-wuerzburg.de/search/map/3612). <!-- [CCTB](https://www.google.de/maps/place/Zentrum+f%C3%BCr+Computergest%C3%BCtzte+und+Theoretische+Biologie+(CCTB),+Universit%C3%A4t+W%C3%BCrzburg/@49.7850748,9.9720102,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47a28fc802e5e800:0x6b62d2cbd2e6f094!8m2!3d49.7849749!4d9.9729537) - kitchen (L6) --> - **Info:** [HackyHour Website](http://hackyhour.github.io/Wuerzburg/) ## Participants > Please add your name and indicate if you want to order pizza :pizza: and optional preferences/dislikes (this is *required* if you want pizza and can't join on time) - *»Add your name here«* - Markus :pizza: - Felix - Matthias :pizza: Vegetarisch - Max :pizza: ## Topic Suggestions > Add your suggestions to the list (feel free to also add previously suggested topics, they are *no longer* automatically carried over). Topics are selected after a brief presentation through successive elimination. If someone comes with a real problem, this has priority. - Programming Games ([list of suggestions](https://x-team.com/blog/coding-games/amp/)) e.g. - [Terminal](https://terminal.c1games.com/) - [CodeCombat](https://codecombat.com/) - [Flexbox Defense](http://www.flexboxdefense.com/) - [CSS Diner](https://flukeout.github.io/) - [SQL for Data Scientists in 100 Queries](https://gvwilson.github.io/sql-tutorial/) + [WhatTheDuck](https://whattheduck.incentius.com/) - Visualizations for disecting compact hyperbolic graphs along incontractible loops + edge coloring ### Maybe another time - Generate synthetic data for linear model with two (binary) explanatory variables (A and B) and different real effects (only A has an impact, both A and B have an impact, the impact of A depends on B) - then look at the estimated coefficients (and their statistical significance) when fitting `~ A`, `~ B`, `~ A + B`, `~ A + B + A:B` :memo: @Markus: konkretes Beispiel erstellen ### Past ideas Topic suggestions are no longer carried over automatically, to speed-up the decision process. However, it might be interesting to revisit some past ideas at some point. Therefore, a collection of past ideas is maintained [on this smorgasbord](https://hackmd.io/@iimog/hhsb). ## Challenge Club From time to time, we solve challenges together in the HackyHour. It is usually undesired to share solutions publicly, as it spoils the fun for other players. Therefore, we created a [private repository](https://github.com/HackyHour/Wuerzburg_ChallengeClub) where we collect our joint solutions. Just tell [Markus](https://github.com/iimog) if you want access. ## Cross Links - [previous pad](https://hackyhour.github.io/Wuerzburg/pad_archive/HackyHour_Wuerzburg_87) - [next pad](https://hackyhour.github.io/Wuerzburg/pad_archive/HackyHour_Wuerzburg_89)