# Gyroscope Senior Smart Contract Engineer Job Description Gyroscope is an all-weather stablecoin. It's backed by a reserve portfolio that diversifies all DeFi risks - such as regulatory and governance risks - not just price risk. A Gyro Dollar can be minted for a price near $1 and can be redeemed for an amount near $1 in reserve assets, as determined through a new Automated Market Maker (AMM) design that balances risk in the system and concentrates liquidity around the $1 peg. More information about the protocol is available [here](https://gyro.finance), with the documentation [here](https://docs.gyro.finance). After a very successful testnet we are now looking forward to launching on mainnet. We're a team of around 6 and most of us are finishing or have completed PhDs in Computer Science and Mathematics. We are looking for a passionate smart-contract engineer to join us. You will be working closely with our other smart contract engineers to build and test Gyroscope's smart contracts. We're planning to release V1 in Q4 2021. ## Role * Work on and enhance the design of the protocol's smart contracts * Implement the smart contracts in Solidity * Design and write unit and integration tests using the [Brownie framework](https://eth-brownie.readthedocs.io/en/stable/) * Work with the rest of the team through the security audit process and tackle the potential issues found * Work on the deployment of the protocol on Ethereum mainnet ## Skills * Over 5 years of software engineering experience, with over 2 years of smart contract development experience * Deep knowledge of Solidity and the Ethereum ecosystem * Excellent testing practices * Solid maths foundation * Financial literacy ## How to apply Email us at [jobs@gyro.finance](mailto:jobs@gyro.finance) telling us why you want to work on Gyroscope. Please also attach your CV and a link to the project you're the most proud of (preferably to the source code).