# RadicleDAO Grant Overview for Radicle Jetbrains IDE Plugin - Phase 1 ## Purpose This document hereby confirms that the below Grant was awarded to the Grantee, as part of the Grants Program offered by the RadicleDAO organization. ## Grant Overview A Grant for ... USDC was awarded to Cytech Mobile Ltd., Science & Technology Park of Crete, Heraklion, 71100, Greece, with VAT number: EL099928640, in order to fund the development of a plugin for Radicle, for the Jetbrains Integrated Development Environment (IDE), as described in the following Grant Application: [[1]](https://radicle.community/t/application-radicle-jetbrains-ide-plugin-implementation-phase-1/2887). ## The RadicleDAO The RadicleDAO is an organization that supports the development of **Radicle**, a protocol for decentralized code collaboration and Open Source Software (OSS) funding. RadicleDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that operates as an on-chain entity, as described, in detail, in [[2]](https://radicle.xyz/blog/introducing-rad.html). ## RadicleDAO Grants Program The RadicleDAO Grants Program is a program that uses funds from the RadicleDAO Treasury, to fund the development of the Radicle ecosystem and the greater Free and/or Open Source Software (FOSS) and Web3 communities. The Grants Program was originally announced in Jan 2022, in this announcement [[3]](https://radicle.mirror.xyz/7RDTvdxABVndpZge9VT09Ku5JXD8lCCCpLRRZaVrtJU).