# Giveth Community Meeting #79 August 8, 2019 Youtube Livestream - ### Logistics Attending Griff, Kris, Michael, Josh, Dani, Lorelei ### Check-in Griff - Lots of burning stuff, DAPP stuff as it being used for the DAPP. Dani - Beta testing the DAPP for Burning Man. Working on Reward DAO stuff. Josh - working with MArco in Berlin, Michael - lots of fun family holiday things Kris - Ramping up on the Commons Stack - lots of articles... Giveth is on Maintence mode - was running... intention is to go thru the loomio Lorelei - all commons stack stuff... took an intentional pause on unicorn dac stuff... we havent nailed down the nexts steps ## Agenda Discuss Loomio - Giveth, taking a break https://www.loomio.org/d/kM0YvmFC/giveth-taking-a-break Decided last week to put Giveth a bit in maintainence mode. Now have to see what we have to do to support the community. Which roles we can put on pause etc. #### Proposal Kris: suggests some basic communnications about what is happening. Suggest keeps Reward DAO. We've pretty much arrived at Giveth v1 and want to move to v2 but can't start on that til we have funding. Can do minimal comms still, it's not that big a deal for me Dani: really important to get a clear message out. Here's what we did with what we've had so far. Maybe strategize on a campaign of some sort. Dani would be fine with the Reward DAO pausing for a month or two. For the next month we'll be all gone. The one thing that is important is continue to fix the DAPP and have those meetings. Maybe some sort of bot to say we are all away. Loie: The UNICORN DAC pay out what funds are left. The way to do that is have people message Loie, and then others in the sheet and use the funds that are left over to fill out old milestones before getting pulled into the burn. Then pause the UNICORN the DAC until the commonstack contribution can revive the UNICORN DAC. Leave it on the understanding that it is dependent on CommonStack funding. Its to be noted there are others ways people are getting rewarded/paid and so there are other ways to take care of this. If Loie not contacted then the milestone might not get funded until September. Griff: Lots of roles that will be paused for a bit. Will try to hit every DAPP team meeting. Happy to pause Reward DAO and UNICORN DAC. Probably around end of September probably ensure everyone is paid. More reactionary on the Giveth front right now because of time. The DAPP needs to keep going. Rafa interested to get involved - interested to build a team in Tijuana. Shouldn't promote the pause at all. Better strategy just let it fade out a little bit and then bring it back. More for internal allignment. These are two things we will have regenerative funding for. Just making sure we are structuring. Michael: not much to add... we shouldn't promote this as a pause, let it fade out a bit and bring it back... i dont think we can stop the dapp... it has to keep going, at least in maintenence mode... dapp meetings need to go forward.... the commons stack is a smart pivot , the time is now! if there is fundign for the commons stack then that solves a lot of challenges! Josh: agree entirely, don't promote a pause... its a community not a job Griff: Both reward dao and Unicorn DAC need blockchain integration as their next step... DAni: Point of Reward DAO was to create engagement and involvement. Through that process we have some great people who could create milestones at this point. Not a huge workload for Dani. Question is has this experiment been successful. Kris: The benefit of incentivizing other people to answer people's questions... it would be nice to do one in october... I would love to dish points in the commons stack until october. Loie: its rare that people really need money... we are moving into a "topping things off" for august... Every milestone will not get paid off... please send a private message to Loie with a links to milestones that you NEEED filled before september 15th! #### Action Points: 1) Get your milestones up and contact Loie - MESSAGE LOIE ON RIOT BEFORE MONDAY WITH LINKS TO EVERY MILESTONE THAT IS **CRUCIAL** FOR YOU TO HAVE PAID OUT BEFORE SEPTEMBER 2) Reward DAO on pause - do we dish points but won't score them until post DEVCON (Oct 15th). 3) Unicorn DAC: Giveth payments are slow, from every angle... Every milestone will not get paid off... please send a private message to Loie with a links to milestones that you NEEED filled before September 15th! 4) No Article on the shift, if anything we would put out an article on the dapp. ## Check-out GRiff: Powerful meme - incredible the power of stories Michael: Smart move Dani: Kinda sad this is the last community meeting for sometime. Josh: Sad to not see everyone in Berlin, but will be in touch with everyone in the coming months Loie: Good meeting ## End of meeting 7:02pm