# Now available on [our Fedora Docs page](https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/dei/meetings/) _Related_: https://gitlab.com/fedora/dei/docs/-/merge_requests/6 --- !startmeeting Fedora DEI Team - YYYY-MM-DD !meetingname diversity !topic Intros, welcomes, hellos !hello !info Present: !topic Team announcements & news !info !link !topic DEI Advisor updates to the team !info !topic Follow-ups from last meeting #info #link !topic Ticket-driven discussion !link !topic !link !info !topic Open floor !endmeeting --- !meetingname <a new name>: to rename the meeting !topic <a topic name>: to change the topic of the meeting !endmeeting: to, well, end the meeting There are also several handy tags that you can use to tag a message to highlight it in the minutes (and add an emoji reaction here): !action: 🚩 !info: ✏️ !agreed: 👍 !rejected: 👎 !idea: 💭 !halp: 🛟 !link: 🔗