# Fedora Week of Diversity 2021 - Prompts & Script ## Script Hi, my name is _____, I am from _____, I am _____, and I speak _____. (Ex: Hi, my name is Marie, I am from the United States, I am a woman, and I speak English.) We are from different countries, We speak different languages, We are of different cultures, But Fedora unites us with Open Source. WE ARE FEDORA! ## Prompts 1. Who is your Fedora mentor? Tell me one thing they taught you, or showed you about Fedora that impacted you. 2. What is your favorite Fedora memory? 3. Did you have a Fedora "aha!" moment? Tell us about it! 4. What is your favorite piece of Fedora development/technology? Why? 5. What was your favorite Fedora release and why? 6. What is your favorite Fedora event?