## ENS DAO Meta-Governance: Key Bylaws and Discussions ### Compensation Structure and Bylaws - **Historical Influence**: Reuse of [past compensation figures](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/ens-dao-steward-compensation/18063) for current stewards. - **Bylaw Requirements**: Setting compensation guidelines prior to nomination windows. - **Token Value Impact**: The effect of token price on rewards. - **Conflict of Interest**: Dilemmas in stewards voting for their own compensation. ### Governance and Voting Power - **Steward Incentivization**: Balancing DAO objectives and steward alignment. - **Changing Voting Power**: Proposals for altering steward compensation and voting power. - **DAO Buy-In**: Need for explicit consent for future compensation packages. ### Transparency and Conflict of Interest Management - **Compensation Voting Concerns**: Current stewards' voting on personal compensation. - **Conflict of Interest Best Practices**: Managing conflicts and ethical decision-making. - **Role of Nonpartisan Actors**: Executing compensation guidelines impartially. ### Token-Based Compensation and Vesting - **Vesting ENS Tokens**: Proposal for long-term steward alignment. - **Compensation Structure Changes**: Feasibility of quick alterations to the compensation mechanism. ### Proposed Revisions and Bylaw Amendments - **Bylaw Amendments**: Including DAO approval in compensation plans. - **Abstention in Voting**: Avoiding votes affecting personal compensation.