# 2023-12 CentOS board meeting https://hackmd.io/@centosboard/SyMqYK24K Meet link : https://meet.google.com/edy-jscj-xbs Passcode will be sent to participants and guests the day the meeting takes place. # 2023-12 CentOS board meeting - Agenda # Attendees ## Board members * Amy * bex * Davide * Jefro * Mike * Pat * Shaun * Thomas * Josh ## Directors Absent * Celeste * Johnny ## Guests * benny Vasquez * Lance Albertson * Neal Gompa * Carlos R.F # Agenda * Previous minutes * ### On going discussion * Update to Mission Statement (CentOS to CentOS Project) * No more feedback, let's publish it with the wording update * CentOS Success Doc-getting the metrics? * Getting the data * * SiG Reviews * CentOS Stream Feature Request * Never really got off the ground. * Begin the process for inactive SIG * Public CI * Integration SiG has taken over the function - pre-Stream * Begin the process for inactive SIG * Alternative Architectures * No more participants since Stream * Revive it for RiscV or other arch ? Maybe use ISA SIG if interest pops ? * Interest within Fedora * Begin the process for inactive SIG * Config Management * Ansible and Puppet available in EPEL * Begin the process for inactive SIG ### Issues https://git.centos.org/centos/board/issues **Issues to be discussed * #124 Re-distribution of RHEL kernel sources * Assign to Brian Stinson for technical resolution * Track the technical work in dedicated tickets * #90 Guidelines for quay usage for CentOS SIG * Come up with a guideline based on Hyperscale SIG experience * Josh and Bex to agree on the guideline * #67 Trusting the SIGs by default, from a CentOS Project perspective (Secureboot) * Pending on the governance structure and conversations with Microsoft around SB signing * Linked to Technical Committee proposal, but we should decouple at this point * Josh: delay on the Microsft side, work is ongoing. Brian Stinson is working with the internal team at Red Hat that handles secure boot **Issues to be closed (ACTION close all of them if no objection)** * #122 Document "offboarding/retirement" process for CentOS SIGs **New issues** * None **Issues on hold** * None ### Community Architect updates * CentOS Connect reminder, CFP until Dec 18 * Board (and friends?) dinner at FOSDEM? * Interest in a working session Monday after FOSDEM? * Workshop accepted for SCaLE ### SIG Reports ### AOB * TBC ###### tags: `agenda`