# 'AG 3 crowns' Kim Woo-min "I have to climb the podium at the World Championships and Olympics, too," # Received medal and new record award of 28.83 million won from Korea Swimming Federation At the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Prize Award Ceremony held by the Korea Swimming Federation, the athlete whose name was called most often was Kim Woo-min (22, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province). Kim Woo-min received 28,833,400 won at the reward **[온라인카지노사이트](https://www.casinositetop.com)** ceremony held at the Olympic Parktel in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 24th. Kim Woo-min, who won three gold medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games (men's 400m, 800m freestyle, and men's 800m relay) and a silver medal in the 1,500m freestyle, set a new Korean record (800m freestyle, 7 minutes 46.03 seconds) and a new Asian record (men's 800m freestyle). Kim Woo-min was also awarded the medal of achievement for the 800 m relay (7 minutes, 01.73 seconds). Kim Woo-min was also selected as the best male athlete (MVP) of the Hangzhou Asian Games by the [Korean Sports Council](https://blog.libero.it/wp/casinositewiki/2023/12/17/quote-maker-nc-dinos-son-ah-seop/). The Sports Council plans to award Kim Woo-min 30 million won. Kim Woo-min, who enjoyed the afterglow of the Hangzhou Asian Games, said, “I feel good about finishing the Asian Games well. I feel proud of being a member of the Korean national swimming team,” and, “First of all, the prize money is “I plan to save. I will buy food for my colleagues,” he said with a laugh. Kim Woo-min, who has solidified his position as the 2023 swimming management men's freestyle middle and long-distance Asian champion, hopes to increase his speed toward the 'world summit' next year. Kim Woo-min, whom we met after the awards ceremony, said, "The 2024 representative selection competition will be held on November 23rd. We will finish the selection competition well and show a good performance at the [Doha World Championships](https://casinositewiki.edublogs.org/2023/12/17/ssg-landers-and-nc-dinos-share-concerns/) in February next year, and serve as a stepping stone for Doha. He said, “I want to show a definite improvement” at the Paris Olympics in July. In the 400m freestyle, Kim Woo-min has already ranked 6th at the 2022 Budapest World Championships and 5th at the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships. He is the only Asian athlete to win the men's 400m freestyle at the World Championships last year and this year. Kim Woo-min, who advanced to the finals, won the Hangzhou Asian Games and showed off his might as the best in Asia. Kim Woo-min is not satisfied with being 'the best in Asia'. He said, “My score at the Hangzhou Asian Games was 95 points,” and “I could not break my best record (3 minutes, 43.92 seconds) in the 400m freestyle,” and “the reason for the 5-point deduction.” #39; explained. The record set by [Kim Woo-min](https://www.reddit.com/user/casinositetop/comments/18jf4qo/kleague_2_gimpo_wins_21_against_jeonnam/) when he won the Hangzhou Asian Games was 3 minutes 44.36 seconds. Kim Woo-min said, "The goal is “My style is to set the goal high and work hard to achieve it,” he said. “I advanced to the finals of the World Championships twice in a row, so I want to stand on the podium in Doha next February. It’s worth a try. He expressed his motivation by saying, “It’s a challenge.” The record of Lucas Martens (Germany), who ranked third in the men's 400m freestyle at the Fukuoka World Championships, was 3 minutes 42.20. Kim Woo-min's goal for the 400m freestyle in 2024 is ' ;It is in the early 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Kim Woo-min said, “If I get a record that I like at the Doha World Championships, I can prepare for the Paris Olympics in a better mood.” ;I want to have a better record at the Paris Olympics. My specific goal is to break into the 3:42 second mark in Doha and have a better record in Paris. " explained. Kim Woo-min, the Korean record holder in the 800m freestyle, said, "There is still a gap with world-class athletes in the 800m. However, my record is also He also revealed another aspiration, saying, "I am getting better and better in the 800m freestyle. I also have a strong desire to stand on the final stage at the World Championships or the Olympics." Korean swimmer [Hwang Sun-woo](https://www.nn.ru/user.php?user_id=1446647&page=blog&blog_id=3528535) (20, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Office) ) is expected to win a medal at the Paris Olympics in the 200m freestyle. Kim Woo-min aims to win a medal at the Paris Olympics along with Sunwoo Hwang. He won the Asian Games in the 800m freestyle relay and The two, who collaborated to set a new Asian record, recently shared the MVP award. Kim Woo-min was named MVP of the Korean team at the Hangzhou Asian Games, and Hwang Sun-woo won the National Sports Festival MVP award. Kim Woo-min said, “Congratulations to Seon-woo on winning the National Sports Festival MVP award three times in a row. Sun-woo, who is a player in the same sport and on the same team, received more attention than players in other sports, so I “I’m proud,” he said, “I won the Asian Games MVP. Aren’t Sunwoo and I giving good stimulation to each other? I met Sunwoo at the World Championships and Olympics. We hoped to create a “glorious moment for Korean swimming” together.