# ‘LCK King’ Gen.G Extends Partnership with Turtle Beach Global esports company Gen.G Esports announced on the 23rd that it has extended its partnership with global gaming gear brand Turtle Beach. Following the extension of the partnership, the Gen.G esports team will continue to use Turtle Beach products this year, wearing uniforms with logo patches and displaying their skills in various domestic and international competitions. Gen.G has been working closely with Turtle Beach for many years since 2021, establishing itself as a leader in the esports and gaming gear industries, and plans to further solidify its position in each industry by extending this partnership. **[바카라사이트](https://www.casinositetop.com)** In order to create a next-level gaming environment, Turtle Beach plans to strengthen its gaming peripheral lineup and launch various new products by reflecting feedback from the Gen.G esports team. Jihoon Lee, General Manager of Gen.G Esports, said, “We are pleased to be able to provide players with a more immersive gaming environment by extending our partnership with Turtle Beach. “We are encouraged to expand our partnership throughout Asia based on our successful cooperation so far,” he said. “We hope that the extension of our partnership will lead to improved athletes’ performance and lead to victories in various domestic and international competitions.” The Gen.G esports team is gaining great popularity by maintaining top rankings in various gaming categories, including League of Legends and Valorant. In particular, the Gen.G LoL team showed off an overwhelming performance in the [LCK Spring Finals](https://writeupcafe.com/kim-min-jae-who-was-left-out-of-the-starting-line-up/), which ended on April 14, and won another championship. The Gen.G LoL team is recording a historic story centered around franchise star Ji-hoon “Chovy” Ji-hoon of the Gen. The attention of many domestic and foreign fans is focused on the move. The Gen.G Valorant team participated in the Valorant Masters Madrid, which ended in March, and became the first Korean team to take second place. In addition, in the first week of Stage 1, the first regular league of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Pacific, he won all sets and ranked first in the group. Fans are looking forward to the continued success of the powerful Gen.G team, consisting of Tae-oh “Meteo” Kim, Nara “Texture” Kim, Jong-min “Rakia” Kim, Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byun, and Won-tae “Caron” Kim. Meanwhile, Turtle Beach is strengthening its position in the gaming accessory industry through active lineup and business expansion. Last October, we launched the [Pure Air](https://casinositewiki.mystrikingly.com/blog/kim-ha-seong-presents-hanbok-to-his-teammates) wireless gaming mouse, an upgraded version of the Kone Pure mouse, which was very popular in Korea. Pure Air boasts an ultra-light weight of 54g, reflecting the demand of gamers who prefer light and small mice. In particular, the Gen.G Esports team participated in the development of Pure Air Mouse, adding meaning to the game by actively reflecting gamers' opinions. Additionally, as part of the category expansion, following the launch of the flight simulator VelocityOne Flight, the company unveiled its first racing simulator, Velocity One Race, in March. [Velocity One Race](https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/casinositewiki/post505132842/) includes a racing wheel and aluminum pedals to deliver accurate racing performance and increase immersion. In addition, the company plans to provide the best gaming experience to gamers by acquiring PDP, a game pad manufacturer, to diversify its gaming controllers.