# Asian Games Women’s Volleyball, ‘No Medal’ for the Second Time in 17 Years… Defeated by China Unable to target China's heights and lose by shutout... Consecutive failing grades from VNL to international competitions Korean women's volleyball suffered the disgrace of 'no medal' at the Asian Games for the first time in 17 years. Korea was defeated by China with a set score of 0-3 (12-25 21-25 16-25) in the first match of Group E of the quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Changqian Campus gymnasium of Hangzhou Normal University, China on the 4th. **[카지노](https://www.casinosite.one)** As a result, South Korea recorded two losses (draws) alongside North Korea in the same group, and missed out on a ticket to the semifinals regardless of the result of the game on the 5th. In Group E, China and Vietnam, which ranked first in the group, won two games each and advanced to the semifinals. South Korea and North Korea, who came in second place in the preliminary group stage, began the quarterfinal round with one loss. It has been 17 years since Korean women's volleyball failed to win an Asian Games medal since the 2006 Doha Games (5th place). Going back to the 1962 Jakarta Games, when volleyball was adopted as an official sport, this is the second no-medal loss in history. Women's volleyball has lost its head in succession this year following the [International Volleyball Federation](https://app.simplenote.com/p/xd4kss) (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL, 12 consecutive losses), Asian Championships (lowest ever 6th place), and Paris Olympic qualifiers (7 consecutive losses). Korea (40th in the world rankings) was unable to overcome the height of China, which ranked 6th in the world. In terms of average height, China (189cm) exceeded Korea (180cm), and the difference in spike height (318m-286cm) and blocking height (305cm-270cm) was stark. In particular, an iron wall was built in the center where the middle blocker duo Yuan Xinwe (202cm) and Wang Yuanyuan (196cm) held on. Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan combined for 23 points, including 5 blocks. In Korea, [So-Hwi Kang]([https](https://alchetron.com/Tron/Mens-Basketball-Player-Heo-Hoon-Packs-his-Bags-5218273-UW)) (GS Caltex, 9 points), Joo-Ah Lee (Heungkuk Life Insurance), and Jeong-Ah Park (Pepper Savings Bank, 6 points) did their best, but it was not enough. From the first set, the flow of the game was one-sided. Korea succeeded in only 7 out of 32 attack attempts and did not achieve any blocking. On the other hand, China lost 4 blocks and 1 serve ace, ending the first set with a double score of 12-25. Korea's offense and defense came alive in the second set, and the game was close until the mid to late sets. Korea, which took its first lead of the day at 2-2 with Moon Jeong-won (Korea Expressway Corporation)'s sub-ace, ran away with a 3-point lead at 8-8 with China's consecutive Beomsil and Park Eun-jin's (Cheong Kwan-jang) sub-ace. At 14-12, Korea cut off China's pursuit with a timeout and escaped by a point due to an opponent's serve error, and Kang So-hwi made it 16-12 with a push attack from the sideline. However, China scored four consecutive points to tie the score at 16-16, and then took the lead at 20-20, led by Wu Mengjie (3 points) and [Yuan Xinyue](https://writeupcafe.com/lg-twins-ends-and-finally-goes-to-korean-series/) (2 points). In the final 3 sets, they struggled to get to 12-13, but allowed consecutive points and fell behind by 9 points, giving up a 25-point high. South Korea, which was thwarted from advancing to the semifinals, will play North Korea on the 5th for the first time in six years and then play the 5th to 8th place match for two days starting on the 6th.