# Byun Seong-ho's 'Kane' and 'Gabi' "I want to meet Japan and win for sure." # Jin Tae-ho and Kim Myeong-jun, key members of the under-17 national team “If we meet again, I want to win for sure.” **[카지노사이트원](https://www.casinosite.one)** Jin Tae-ho (Jeonbuk) and Kim Myeong-jun (Pohang), the core of Byeonseong cheers, shouted ‘revenge’ towards Japan. On the 30th, 21 ‘Little Taegeuk Warriors’, including Jin Tae-ho and Kim Myeong-jun, were summoned to the Paju National Football Team Training Center (NFC) in Gyeonggi Province. They will participate in the [2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup](https://www.instagram.com/p/C1q2-exv76B) to be held in Indonesia from the 10th of next month to December 2nd. Korea was in Group E with the United States, France, and Burkina Faso. Japan, who caused us pain three months ago, was placed in Group D right next to us. If Korea takes first place in the group and Japan takes second place in the group, they will face each other in the round of 16. Korea lost 0-3 to Japan in the final of the 2023 U-17 Asian Cup last July. They were unable to overcome the negative news of one player being sent off in the first half. There was also controversy that the decision was too favorable to Japan. Midfielder Jin Tae-ho and striker and ‘captain’ Kim Myeong-jun still felt responsible for the goalless defeat. [Jin Tae-ho](https://blog.libero.it/wp/casinositewiki/2024/01/07/jeonbuk-raises-objection-to-k-league-over-replacement-mistake-incident/) said strongly, "(The last game against Japan) was my first time playing. The team as a whole was shaken as we were sent off in the first half and even conceded a goal from that free kick. If we meet again, I will make sure to win." Kim Myung-jun said, “As I already know the team, I think I will be able to prepare more confidently,” and added, “I will make up for the parts that were disappointing in the Asian Cup.” Coach Byun Seong-hwan declared that he would play the traditional aggressive ‘build-up soccer’ against the strong teams he would meet on the World Cup stage. In the 4-nation friendly tournament held in Spain from the 11th to the 17th, the team only recorded 1 draw and 2 losses against strong teams such as England, Morocco, and Belgium, but coach Byun Seong-hwan and the players all agreed that they "gained confidence." Jin Tae-ho said, "The opponent's frame itself was different. They had strength. So I tried to see and play more in advance," and added, "We were able to do it easily by giving our players many options (to throw passes)." [Myungjun Kim](https://casinositeone.notion.site/casinositeone/Busan-Comes-from-Behind-to-Win-2-1-Over-Bucheon-3acf27da67414b79beab5f1baf5c7ba8) said, “I was nervous, but once I got into it, it was worth it. I gained confidence.” Kim Myung-jun and Jin Tae-ho, who are currently learning soccer, chose Bayern Munich's Harry Kane and FC Barcelona's Gabi as their 'role models', respectively. Jin Tae-ho said he wanted to be like Jeonbuk senior Lee Jae-seong (Mainz). Kim Myung-jun said, "I think my posture is similar to Kane. As I watch the video and try to imitate Kane, my play style seems to be somewhat similar," and "I try to imitate the combination and altruistic play." Jin Tae-ho said, "Midfielder Gabi, who makes good use of his small body, is my role model. Among Korean players, I like Lee Jae-seong. I think he plays really smartly." “I want to,” he said. [안전놀이터](https://www.outlookindia.com/outlook-spotlight/2023년-11월-스포츠-토토사이트-순위-및-추천-사설토토-먹튀검증-top15-news-328577)