# Asian Games New Korean Record in 14 Events... The Growth of Korean Swimming Seen Everywhere # In addition to ace Hwang Sun-woo, many athletes in various events grew together. In the relay, they set new Korean records and won medals in all six events they participated in. Korean swimming broke new Korean records in 14 events during the six days (24th to 29th) of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games management event. **[온라인카지노](https://www.casinosite.one)** It is an achievement as valuable as the record for the most medals in a single Asian Games by Korean swimming management (6 gold medals, 6 silver medals, 10 bronze medals). The Korean swimming team participated in 40 of the 41 events held at the Hangzhou Asian Games, excluding the women's 400m relay, and won 22 medals. In the men's 200m freestyle, Hwang Seon-woo (20, Gangwon Provincial Office) took first place and Lee Ho-jun (22, Daegu Metropolitan City Hall) took third place, and there was a thrilling scene where two Korean flags were raised at the awards ceremony. What led to the rapid progress of Korean swimming management were freestyle athletes, led by Hwang Seon-woo, who grew through friendly competition. However, athletes in other sports who have been stimulated by the unstoppable momentum of men's freestyle are also gaining strength. Visible results were achieved at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The records for the most gold medals (4) held at the 2010 Guangzhou Games and the most medals (16) held at the 2006 Doha Games were changed in this competition. In addition, new Korean records were set in 12 events, confirming that Korean swimming management is growing not only in men's freestyle but also in many other events. At the center of the new record was ‘Ace’ [Hwang Sun-woo](https://penzu.com/p/275b23b0144ad0a1). Hwang Seon-woo won the men's 800m relay final with a new Asian record of 7 minutes 01.73 seconds along with members of the 'golden generation' such as Kim Woo-min (22), Yang Jae-hoon (25, Gangwon Provincial Office), and Lee Ho-jun. Of course, this record is also a new Korean record. Sunwoo Hwang also set new Korean records in the men's 400m relay, men's 400m medley relay, and 400m mixed medley relay. Hwang Seon-woo, who also won the main event, the men's 200m freestyle, by setting a new Korean record of 1 minute 44.40 seconds, set new Korean records in five of the six events he participated in, excluding the 100m freestyle. Although Hwang Sun-woo's role is important, the records of his 'colleagues' are also important in relay events. Lee Ho-jun and Kim Woo-min appeared at the same time as Hwang Sun-woo, and Yang Jae-hoon also showed his strength, setting a new Asian record in the men's 800m relay. Kim Woo-min also set a Korean record of 7 minutes 46.03 seconds in the 800m freestyle, an individual event. [Ji Yu-chan](https://bm.cari.com.my/home.php?mod=space&uid=2602582&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=485390) (21, Daegu Metropolitan City Hall), who set new Korean records in the 50m freestyle, and Choi Dong-yeol (24, Gangwon Provincial Office), who set new Korean records in the 400m men's relay, 50m and 100m breaststroke, set new Korean records in the 400m men's medley relay and 400m mixed relay. Became an ‘Achieved Member’. Heo Yeon-kyung (17, Bangsan High School) set a Korean record of 54.70 seconds in the women's 100m freestyle. Although she did not win her medal in the individual event, Heo Yeon-kyung set a new Korean record in the women's 800m relay and won a precious bronze medal. The scene of Baek In-cheol (23, Busan Metropolitan City Jung-gu Office) repeatedly setting new Korean records in the men's 50m butterfly preliminaries and finals also brought a refreshing feeling to Korean swimming fans. In the backstroke, which was the only event where there was no new Korean record, Lee Joo-ho (28, Seogwipo City Hall) broke his own record in the 200m on the last day of the race with a time of 1 minute 56.54 seconds, joining his streak of new records. Although it is not a new Korean record, [Lee Eun-ji](https://linkhay.com/blog/954002/hanwha-moon-dong-ju-aenjoys-international-competitions) (17, Bangsan High School), who won five medals in this competition, also tied her own record in the women's 100m backstroke. Korean swimming management is developing not only in freestyle, but also in breaststroke and butterfly. Achievements in relay events are evidence of growth. Korea won medals in all six relay events this time and set a new Korean record. Korea's new records for quite a few events are also competitive records in Asia. Korea set new Asian Games records in five events (men's 800m relay, men's 200m freestyle, men's 800m freestyle, men's 50m freestyle, and men's 50m butterfly) at this competition.