# Boomboxhead - Bounty Board + Overworld **Links** - https://github.com/gm3/bounty-board - https://github.com/m3-org/website/ - https://m3-org.github.io/website/overworld ![boomboxhead-daotown](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/r1VpRha7T.jpg) ![mpv-shot0279](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/B1iBGi6ma.jpg) ![mpv-shot0272](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/B1xPMsp7a.jpg) ![mpv-shot0275](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HyfLfspm6.jpg) ![mpv-shot0278](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/Byv8fspmp.jpg) ![mpv-shot0277](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/SyjDMsa7a.jpg) ![mpv-shot0276](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/ry6wMjpXT.jpg) ## AI meeting summary BoomboxHead presents updates to his metaverse project. He showcases a 2D/3D Overworld website concept and explains how to create visualizations of bounties using Dework. BoomboxHead emphasizes the need for more project managers and documentation experts. He plans to make the overworld more dynamic by integrating bounties from different locations. The goal is to automate bounty discovery in a user-friendly way that loads fast. Reskinning the overworld is possible by providing PNG images of buildings and utilizing an isometric perspective view. ## Action items: From the transcript, the follow-ups and action items can be identified as: 1. Explore the concept of an Overworld: BoomboxHead mentioned about creating an Overworld concept for the Metaverse. This involves developing a 2D/3D environment where users can navigate and explore different worlds. The action item here would be to further develop and integrate this concept into the project. 2. Implement Dework Bounties: BoomboxHead discussed the idea of creating a visualization around bounties and how to search, filter, and make them more relevant. The action items would include integrating Dework, a platform for posting and discovering bounties, and creating tools to visualize and manage the bounties effectively. 3. Update M3TV Soundstage: BoomboxHead mentioned that the current static HTML template for M3 TV Soundstage will soon be replaced with 3D models. The action item here would be to work on creating and implementing these 3D models for a more immersive experience. 4. Enhance the M3 HUD: BoomboxHead introduced the concept of the M3 HUD, a widget that links various elements such as discords, badges, membership, leaderboards, and bounties. The action item would be to develop and refine this widget to improve project management and user experience. 5. Improve Bounty Board: BoomboxHead mentioned that the Bounty Board is open source and can be accessed on GitHub. The action item would be to review and potentially contribute to the Bounty Board, making it more efficient, user-friendly, and customizable for different projects and bounties. 6. Visualize Bounties and Marketplace: BoomboxHead discussed the idea of visualizing bounties across the digital economy and marketplace in different ways. The action item would be to explore and implement various visualization techniques to make the bounties and marketplace more engaging and accessible to users. 7. Implement Filters and Search: BoomboxHead mentioned the need for filters and search functionalities to make the bounty discovery process more useful and specific to users' needs. The action item would be to develop and integrate these filtering and search features for enhanced usability. 8. Explore Dynamic Data Structure: BoomboxHead highlighted the need to connect dynamic data structures, such as bounties from different sources, in a way that is automated and fun for users. The action item would be to investigate and implement methods to automate the discovery and integration of bounties from various platforms and sources. 9. Reskin the Overworld: BoomboxHead mentioned the possibility of reskinning the Overworld concept to resemble a downtown area. The action item would be to gather PNG images of different buildings and create a visually appealing and responsive isometric overworld. 10. Mobile Optimization: BoomboxHead acknowledged the need for further work on mobile optimization for the project. The action item would be to prioritize and improve the user experience on mobile devices. It's worth noting that while the transcript provides information about the discussed concepts and ideas, it doesn't explicitly mention specific action items or follow-ups. The identified action items are inferred based on the information shared by BoomboxHead. ## Outline - Chapter 1: Introduction to the Interoperable Metaverse (00:08-01:49) - BoomboxHead introduces himself and his work on the Blockchain with M3. - He discusses the goal of creating an Interoperable Metaverse. - Mentions the Overworld Concept and Dework Bounties as the topics for discussion. - Chapter 2: Overview of the Overworld Concept (01:49-03:31) - BoomboxHead explains the concept of the Overworld, which is a 2D/3D environment. - Talks about a basic static HTML template that allows for navigation within the Metaverse. - Discusses the potential for creating personalized visualizations of different worlds within the Metaverse. - Mentions the M3 TV Soundstage as an example. - Chapter 3: Introduction to Dework Bounties (03:31-04:25) - BoomboxHead introduces the concept of bounties in M3. - Mentions Dework as a platform where bounties can be posted and discovered. - Talks about the need for a structure to filter and search bounties. - Chapter 4: Visualizing Bounties and Project Management (04:25-06:42) - BoomboxHead explains the visualization of bounties across the digital economy and marketplace. - Demonstrates the bounty board, which displays available bounties. - Talks about the integration of Discord and Dework for project management. - Mentions the open-source nature of the bounty board and encourages contributions. - Chapter 5: Future Developments and Dynamic Overworld (06:47-08:08) - BoomboxHead discusses plans to integrate bounties into the Overworld concept. - Talks about creating a dynamic data structure for discovering bounties. - Mentions the possibility of expanding the Overworld to include different areas with their own bounties. - Chapter 6: Q&A Session (08:12-09:19) - BoomboxHead invites questions from the audience. - One question is asked about the Overworld resembling downtown, to which BoomboxHead confirms the potential for reskinning and customization. - Chapter 7: Conclusion (09:19-09:23) - BoomboxHead wraps up the presentation. - Mentions playing a video and signing the guest book. Note: The timestamps provided are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the interpretation of sentence breaks. ## Notes - Person named BoomboxHead is working on the Blockchain with M3 and contributing to open source projects. - They are working on creating an Interoperable Metaverse and want to show an Overworld Concept and a Concept around Dework Bounties. - They have a basic static HTML template for the Overworld, where you can travel around the Metaverse in a cool way. - They have a network of people working with M3 and want to create a 2D/3D environment for the Overworld. - The Overworld is open source and can be forked and reskinned. - They have a widget called M3 HUD that links up various resources and provides information about bounties, badges, membership, leaderboards, etc. - They work on many projects and use bounties to get work done between projects. - They use a website called Dework to post and discover bounties. - They have a bounty board that visualizes bounties and allows users to filter and search them. - The bounty board is open source and can be found on GitHub. - They are exploring ways to visualize the metaverse and the jobs available in a more useful way. - They are working on project management and looking for people who understand documentation and can organize projects on GitHub. - The Overworld is a starting point and they want to integrate bounties and make it more dynamic. - They want to connect dynamic data structures and automate the discovery of bounties in a fun and fast-loading way. - The Overworld can be in different perspectives like 2D, 3D, or isometric. - They are planning to have specific 3D worlds within the Overworld. - They welcome questions and encourage people to ask them at the microphone. - They mention reskinning the Overworld and making it responsive. - They discuss the isometric point of view for rendering the Overworld.