# OccamRazer ## What is OccamRazer? It is a piece of the Occam Ecosystem, a public decentralized fundraising platform (IDO-enabled launchpad) where projects can raise funds by selling their project tokens to retail investors. ## Are there mandatory steps in order to participate in OccamRazer public IDOs? Yes, there are. These are the mandatories steps: - Belong to any tier by staking OCC tokens - Pass the KYC process and get approved - Perform the registering action of the desired IDO ## In which network the OCC staking needs to be performed? Currently, it is only possible on Ethereum, but we are aiming to deploy it on BNB, Milkomeda, and Cardano as well. ## Where can I buy OCC tokens? OCC token is currently available on DEXes and CEXes like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Bitrue, Gate, etc… A Full list of available markets can be found on the **“Buy OCC”** component of our [landing page](https://occam.fi/), or in [Coingecko](https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/occamfi#markets). ## Which are the tiers? **VCDAO:** - Allowed to participate in pre-IDO rounds - Minimum required stake: 70,000 OCC **Tier 0:** - Minimum required stake: 12,000 $OCC - Allocation relative weight: Minimum: 24 Maximum: 38 - Participation weight: Guaranteed participation **Tier 1:** - Minimum required stake: 10,000 OCC - Allocation relative weight Minimum: 18 Maximum: 23 - Participation weight: Guaranteed participation **Tier 2:** - Minimum required stake: 4,000 OCC - Allocation relative weight Minimum: 6.5 Maximum: 11 - Participation weight: Guaranteed participation **Tier 3:** - Minimum required stake: 1,000 OCC - Allocation relative weight Minimum: 3.1 Maximum: 6 - Participation weight: 4 + stake weighted (max +2) - Burn boosters: Enabled (Burn 400 $OCC to increase participation weight by 1) **Tier 4:** - Minimum required stake: 650 OCC - Allocation relative weight: Minimum: 2 Maximum: 3 - Participation weight: 2 - Burn boosters: Enabled (Burn 500 $OCC to increase participation weight by 1) **Tier 5:** - Minimum required stake: 200 OCC - Allocation relative weight: Minimum: 1 Maximum: 1.5 - Participation weight: 1 ## What does IDO allocation mean? Your Allocation is the maximum dollar value in tokens you may purchase in an IDO. Every tier has a minimum and maximum reserved allocation for its members, and for every staked $OCC token users will find themselves with a specific allocation between these 2 predefined values - your allocation will increase as you stake more $OCC tokens. A more practical representation of this variable across tiers is the relative weight of allocation (Allocation relative weight). It shows the relative size of allocations of users belonging to different Tiers. ## What does participation weight mean? Participation weight is a system variable that represents the relative probability of users being able to participate in an IDO. Some Tiers have guaranteed allocation, for them, this definition does not apply, but for the rest, it has the defined meaning. Basically, a higher weight increases your chances of participation. ## What is the queue priority? This is essentially the method that creates the IDO waves in the current implementation of Occam Razer. Every user is assigned an integer value that represents their Queue priority. When the Queue is being created users are sorted by this parameter and put into Waves. If a user is not able to buy tokens at the IDO because the IDO sells out before the initiation of their Wave, their Queue priority is increased by 1. **Finally, you can read and learn more about Occam Tier System by clicking [here](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RHiL89CIeGIj-70yUkvc6LZ6sOLprGz-/view)**