# ENS DAO Code of Conduct (Budget Request) ###### Prepared by Marcus Martínez (@estmcmxci) 04/11/22 :::info 1. [ENS Code of Conduct - Community WG Intent (02/06/22)](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/community-working-group-intent-draft/10221/7?u=estmcmxci) 2. [ENS Code of Conduct - Draft (02/15/22)](https://hackmd.io/@estmcmxci/ENS-Code-of-Conduct) 3. [ ENS Code of Conduct - Temp Check (03/25/22)](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/temp-check-ens-code-of-conduct/11716?u=estmcmxci) 4. [ENS Code of Conduct (2022)- Draft Proposal ](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/draft-social-code-of-conduct-2022/13084?u=estmcmxci) ::: ## Budget **Participants:** - estmcmxci.eth - spencecoin - Coltron.eth - Simonapop **Additional Particpants** - Berrios.eth - Nick.eth - Yodaone.eth - daylon.eth - vegayp.eth Compensation: - $1500 USDC - ENS for other participants ## Overview The purpose of the ENS' Code of Conduct is to create a robust working culture that encourages high standards for inclusivity, representation and respect. This is a high impact document that serves as one of the DAO's foundations for a thriving and globally focused ecosystem. > "The ENS DAO should consider adopting a code of conduct that spans the entire protocol - across users, moderators, delegates, contributors, stewards, and ideally TNL." > > -@spencecoin *(2022 Q1/Q2 Community WG Steward)* ## ENS Code of Conduct: Summary of Work On February 6, 2022, [ Marcus Martínez (@estmcmxci) propsed to draft the ENS DAO's CoC](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/community-working-group-intent-draft/10221/7?u=estmcmxci), with help from Stewards @spencecoin & @coltron. As of the time of this writing, the CoC Draft has not yet been passed but has gained momentum throughout the greater ENS Community, with over 500 views on the ENS forum. >“We welcome new community members to review the ENS DAO’s Value Board, which explicitly states our values promote a healthy ENS DAO and ENS Community.” > > -@estmcmxci *(2022 Q1/Q2 Community WG Lead Contributor)* On March 25th, Q1/Q2 Steward @spencecoin posted a Temp Check on the ENS Forum indicating our intention to pursue a Draft Proposal. The post is a continuation of the discussion that started on March 17th, 2022. On April 11th, Community WG Steward @spencecoin signaled that CoC is ready for a final draft before moving to a formal Social Proposal. On May 11th, Community Stewards and MG Steward @Simonapop met via Google Meet to discuss next steps. It had been decided that the The Code of Conduct (CoC) would now be under the purview of the Meta-Governance Working Group. On May 17th, MG Steward Simona discussed with the CoC's Lead Coordinator (@estmcmxci) to finalize the draft. Discussion has continued since with the other Community Stewards on what to detail in the CoC. [Review the ENS' CoC Draft here. ](https://hackmd.io/@estmcmxci/ENS-Code-of-Conduct) ## Scope of Work - **Sources:** [Community WG Intent (Draft)](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/community-working-group-intent-draft/10221), [ENS DAO Suggested Values](/Wkxxx9g8RiGiE45uvc87QA) - **References:** - [ENS Forum COC](https://discuss.ens.domains/faq) (suggested by nick.eth) - [Contributor Covenant COC](https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/2/1/code_of_conduct/) (suggested by @spencecoin) - [TEC COC](https://token-engineering-commons.gitbook.io/tec-handbook/tec-agreements-1/code-of-conduct) (suggested by @vegayp) - [ENS DAO Onboarding Flow (@Coltron & @vegayp)](https://https://www.figma.com/file/vvLDOTK0svJgnJcKZNQhp6/ENS-DAO-Onboarding-Flow?node-id=0%3A1) - [Elinor Ostrum's 8 Rules for Managing Commons](https://earthbound.report/2018/01/15/elinor-ostroms-8-rules-for-managing-the-commons/) (suggested by @vegayp) - [CoC Notes and Feedback 03/22/22 ~ 9:30AM @spencecoin @coltron.eth @limes @validator.eth](/1sfZjrgySIueW3DzDpd_Dg) - **Appendix**: - ENS DAO's [Value Board](/32KcF5x3Twak6ADaNkXfFQ) - [Conflict Resolution Protocol](/_NM07kGFRXu0weAw-43kKA) - **Contact:** <m@oakgroup.co> - **NOTE:** The CoC Draft was presented to Stewards on March 11 2022, posted on ENS Forum on March 17 2022. ## Timeline - **Dates:** - *Initation February 4, 2022* - *Updated February 15, 2022* - *Updated March 4, 2022* - *Updated March 11, 2022* - *Updated March 15, 2022* - *Temp Check March 17, 2022* - *Updated March 22, 2022* - *Stewards Discussion May 11, 2022* - *CoC Adopted by MG Stewards 17, 2002* - *Updated May 20, 2022* - *Updated May 22, 2022*; - ***Final update: 05/26/22*** - **Draft proposal posted on forum 06/01/22**