# Simple Subnet Development Checklist This is a collection of practical guides and checklists for Subnet development, assembled to share with our partners and others in the ecosystem who might find it useful. It is not intended to be comprehensive; it skews towards practical and opinionated recommendations that we find to be appropriate particularly for teams developing and managing early versions of a protocol. For any feedback/revisions/additions, please message `@ggp_steven` on Telegram. ## Launch Checklist - [ ] General Security ([precompile templates](https://docs.avax.network/subnets/customize-a-subnet#precompiles), DOS / firewall considerations, incident response plan) - [ ] 3rd party audits (VM security, operations and tooling setup, protocol audit. [Example audit firm](https://entersoftsecurity.com)) - [ ] Bridging approach (AWM vs native liquidity on Subnet vs LayerZero) - [ ] Mainnet Validator Set (how many validators are required, node regional location, providers, VM sizing, permissioned vs permissionless) - [ ] Consider Monitoring and Alerting tools and KPIs (eg. PagerDuty alerting on "% of stake weight offline") - [ ] RPC Network Set (regional locations, how many, sizing, providers) (can you use the Avalanche provided RPC? ) - [ ] Custom Testnet (launch on Fuji or a private testnet to iterate on tooling + networking faster, scalability stress tests for latency and hardware bechmarking) - [ ] Native token scheme and deployment (distribution, TGE, [faucet](https://github.com/ava-labs/avalanche-faucet), token minted on C Chain or on Subnet) - [ ] Choose flagship wallet (eg. integrate into [Avalanche's Core](https://core.app/)) (or create your own? ) - [ ] Decide on Customer Support channel (Twitter / Discord are common in web3. Intercom/ZenHub/HubSpot on website nice-to-have. ) Other common questions: - [ ] Understand regulatory implications of your entity holding native tokens and user funds (eg. do you need a [Money Transmitter License](https://www.dfs.ny.gov/apps_and_licensing/money_transmitters/) to operate in the US? ) - [ ] Decide on custodial, non-custodial, or hybrid Wallet experience for users - [ ] Consider regulatory implications on the validator set (eg. do you need to have less than 75% of validator nodes within one region? ) - [ ] Consider on and offramp experience for user liquidity into the Subnet/game