--- langs: zh-tw GA: UA-98468513-3 --- 【Cofacts 真的假的】Homepage for Developers ====== Cofacts is comprised of several components, in separate repositories. The website cofacts.g0v.tw (`rumors-site`) and the LINE bot (`rumors-line-bot`) acts as a client to the server (`rumors-api`). [<img src="https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1VfooYFnEb_mVx9Yso_u9evYD-nq-Y-mDSwsIlg7oDlw/pub?w=846&amp;h=467">](https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1VfooYFnEb_mVx9Yso_u9evYD-nq-Y-mDSwsIlg7oDlw/edit) ## rumors-site > Website that lists all submitted instant messages (`articles`). Editors can submit replies to the articles in this website. :link: **Issues** - https://github.com/cofacts/rumors-site/labels/help%20wanted :computer: **Tech stack** - Next.js (React.js) ## rumors-line-bot > The line bot server behind [".: 真的假的 - 轉傳訊息查證 :."](https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40umn3820l). :link: **Issues** - https://github.com/cofacts/rumors-line-bot/labels/help%20wanted :computer: **Tech stack** - Node.js ## rumors-api > API server for listing, searching and submitting forwarded instant messages (`Articles`) and replies. :link: **Issues** - https://github.com/cofacts/rumors-api/labels/help%20wanted :computer: **Tech stack** - Node.js, GraphQL, koa2 ## rumors-db > Elasticsearch schema (indexes) & migration scripts :link: **Issues** - https://github.com/cofacts/rumors-db/labels/help%20wanted :computer: **Tech stack** - Node.js, Elasticsearch * * * :::info :arrow_left: 回 [Cofacts 專案首頁](http://beta.hackfoldr.org/cofacts) :::