# Owlbot Weekly You are given the title "I enumerated" and the file "II - encrypted.7z". Read the "I" as the step number and use "enumerated" as the zip password. That opens the zip and gives you four text files as well as one html file. That file contains an overview of the puzzle steps. ![help.png](https://i.imgur.com/V0gDnnI.png) You start by solving the three files "III - counted.txt", "III - 01₂.txt" and "III - drew.txt" individually, then use each answer together with "IV.txt" to get another solution. As a hint you are given the theme for both steps (counting, binary or drawing). ### III - counted.txt Count the letters in each row. The most frequent letter of the lines are "M", "O", "R", "S" and "R" respectively. The five separate parts of each line are dots (2 letters) and dashes (5+ letters) and give you the numbers 7, 2, 7, 8, 3 in morse. Use those numbers as letter indices for the lines to get the solution **TIGER**. ### III - 01₂.txt Convert the base64 to binary, line by line. ``` 0000001100000000000011111111000000011111111000111111111110001110000000110011111111111111 0000110011000000001110000000000001110000000000110000000000001111000000110000000011000000 0000100001000000110000000000000110000000000000110000000000001101100000110000000011000000 0001100001100000110000000000000110000000000000110000000000001100110000110000000011000000 0001100001100000110000000000000110000000000000111111111110001100011000110000000011000000 0011000000110000110000000000000110000000000000110000000000001100001100110000000011000000 0111111111110000110000000000000110000000000000110000000000001100000110110000000011000000 0110000000011000110000000000000110000000000000110000000000001100000011110000000011000000 1100000000001100001110000000000001110000000000110000000000001100000001110000000011000000 1100000000001100000011111111000000011111111000111111111110001100000000110000000011000000 ``` Read the solution in the resulting image: **ACCENT**. ### III - drew.txt Read the lowercase letters: "take only upppercase letter". <span style="color:grey">Typo not intended...</span> ``` NW SW NW SW S E N W S E W S E W S E ``` Take the uppercase letters as drawing instructions (north=up, northwest=diagonal etc.). This spells out the solution **MOLE**. ### IV.txt #### Counted Take the solution **TIGER** and count the number of occurrences of each letter. `{'T': 1, 'I': 2, 'G': 15, 'E': 18, 'R': 20}` A1Z26: 1 2 15 18 20 -> **ABORT**. #### 01₂ Take only the 0's and 1's from IV.txt. `011000110000110100010110000100010001110101110110` XOR that with the ascii values of **ACCENT** to get **"NUTS"**. #### Drew Hightlight the occurrences of each letter of **MOLE** in IV.txt. ``` M M M LL L M O O O L L E EE E E M O L L M M O LL E L M M O L EE E E E E M M E O L M M O O O E EEE E ``` The letters draw the solution **RIPE**. ### Final answer Anagram the three solutions encircled in the image, ABORT NUTS RIPE, together to get **PERTURBATIONS**. Then anagram the first three solutions from earlier to get **ELECTROMAGNETIC**. The final answer is **ELECTROMAGNETIC PERTURBATIONS**.