Retreat Planning Reading Pool ============================= Let's collect readings for the the retreat here. ## Proposed Approach To make this manageable for everyone, let's try breaking this work up into a few stages: **Stage 1: Creating a long-list** of links, readings, topics, podcasts, discussions, videos (really any type of content) that people think is interesting and relevant to the co-op. During this stage it's totally okay if the list is pretty noisy because it would be good to have a divergent set of ideas. If you're on the fence about something being worth putting here, lean towards putting it in. **Stage 2: Determining the most imporant themes** after discussing what was collected in stage 1, during a planning meeting (Oct 17th??). **Stage 3: Creating a short list of readings** --- ## Stage 1 Long List [ we are here ] :::info **Legend** :globe_with_meridians: Web/online resources `:globe_with_meridians:` :page_facing_up: PDF reports or articles `:page_facing_up:` :speaker: Audio`:speaker:` :clapper: Video `:clapper:` :bulb: Wild ideas `:bulb:` ::: **7 International Co-operative Principles**: *** - :globe_with_meridians: [ICA Cooperative identity, values & principles]( - :page_facing_up: [ICA Guidance Notes to the Co-operative Principles]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Willy Street Seven Cooperative Principles]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Grassroots Economic Organizing: The Cooperative Principles, the Common Good, and Solidarity]( Tech Worker Co-ops: - :page_facing_up: [A technology freelancer's guide to starting a worker's coop]( - :speaker: Soundcloud Podcast: [Worker Cooperatives: Widening Spheres of Democracy]( - :globe_with_meridians: Tech Worker Co-op Repo: [Incredible list of resources including a db of active tech co-ops worldwide]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Vibes Theory of Organization Design - Enspiral]( - identifies lots of tensions while building organizational culture - :globe_with_meridians: [Enspiral Handbook]( - *** **Important [People Agreement](** - Resource [Git for Beginners]( - Related [Root Systems "Pod"]( - :globe_with_meridians: [ Reading List]( - :page_facing_up: [Balancing Performance with Principles in Coops and Mutuals, Report by Ernst and Young]($FILE/Enlightened%20co-operative%20governance_EN.pdf) - :bulb: Some form of co-op member interviewing? Civics, Tech, Politics: - :globe_with_meridians: [Paul Frazee "Information Civics"]( - :page_facing_up: [Langdon Winner "Do Artifacts have Politics"]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Diana Nucera "Two-way Streets: Forging the Paths Towards Participatory Civic Technology"]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Design Justice Principles]( - :globe_with_meridians: [From "Openness" to Justice]( - :page_facing_up: [Indigenous Cooperatives in Canada: The Complex Relationship Between Cooperatives, Community Economic Development, Colonization, and Culture]( Collaboration, Methodologies (Could be merged with the above?? 🤔): - :globe_with_meridians: [Study Collaboration]( - Thinking about novel ways of collaborating between us and others - Also, neat links towards the bottom - :globe_with_meridians: [Patterns for Decentralised Organising]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Designing Methodologies 2018, Shannon Mattern]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Aspiration Tech Facilication Resources]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution]( - :books: [adrienne maree brown (2017) *Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds*]( (dawn has a copy) - :globe_with_meridians: [Loconomics Cooperative Bylaws]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Waag Co-creation Toolkit]( - :bulb: Wild idea for a first group activity: Make a beautiful zine - :globe_with_meridians: [El LleialTec: Pla de Sobirania Tecnològica als equipaments municipals]( ([Google translated]( New Economies: - :globe_with_meridians: [Center for Global Justice: Solidarity Economy Directory]( - :globe_with_meridians: [The Future of Social Economy Leadership and Organizational Composition in Canada: Demand from Demographics, and Difference through Diversity]( Commons, anti-capitalism: - :books: Elinor Ostrom (1990) *Governing the Commons* (dawn has a copy) - :globe_with_meridians: [8 principles for designing common pool resources]( - :page_facing_up: JK Gibson-Graham, J Cameron, & S Healy (2016) "Commoning as a postcapitalist politics" In *Releasing the Commons: Rethinking the futures of the commons* - :page_facing_up: G Caffentzis, S Frederici (2014) "Commons against and beyond capitalism" - :page_facing_up: S Frederici (2011) "Feminism and the politics of the commons" - **Talk in Toronto**: :calendar: [22 Jan 2019, 16:00-18:00]( - :page_facing_up: Yochai Benkler [Commons-Based Peer Production and Virtue]( - :page_facing_up: Stavros Stavrides [Common Space: The City as Commons]( - :clapper: Richard Sennett [The Decline of the Skills Society]( - :globe_with_meridians: Scott Alexander [Meditations On Moloch]( Reqs for co-ops in Canada (Federal, Ontario) see [**research document**]( - :page_facing_up: [Registering a coop - Official Guide by Financial Services Commision of Ontario]( - :page_facing_up: [ fact sheets]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Industry Canada Starting a Federal co-op]( - :globe_with_meridians: [Industry Canada Starting an ON co-op]( - :globe_with_meridians: [ Starting a co-operative]( Why decentralize? - :clapper: Sarah Friend [Decentralization and its Discontents]( at Radical Networks 2018 - :page_facing_up: Nathan Schnieder n.d. "Decentralization: An Incomplete Ideology" (ask dawn for pdf) - :globe_with_meridians: [Data Together Reading List]( or [Zotero Group]( ## Stage 2 Imporant Themes ## Stage 3 Short List