# Anthillhacks Dec-Jan 2021-22 ## Todo [ ] Letter to Sindhia, Scounts comminsioner with a request for 10 tents [ ] Check with APC on status [ ] Pick up LR routers from Myna} ## Work plan At the Farm 1) Toilets - 2 Behind Crafterspace, older toilets near siddavva house and baniyan tree has to be repaired. 2) Water facilities to toilet and Siddavva house need to be fixed 3) Hand wash facility at the entrance of the crafterspace and somewhere near Gajibo. 4) Jaga place need to be fixed. 5) Baniyan tree and the surronding sitting place 6) Gajibo needs to be fixed. 7) Storage room doors position need to be fixed. 8) Tents points need to be fixed. Technical aspect 1) Captival portal page design - Designer help 2) File upload and browser page design - Designer help 3) Micro media centres needs to be planned - community radio 4) Additional libre router setups 5) syncthing support for the recordings to upload on the mesh 6) Local server, backup server and individual pi node setups 7) Antenna workshop planning 8) Anthills web page Community involvement 1) Involving women from Halekote, Durgadahalli, Madhu area and TMH to cook local receipes and other kind of skill related workshop 2) Involve Renu to gather women from the community to participate 3) Women from these areas can be main cooks for the event as well. 4) Shashi and team can be documenters, intrepreters for the community radio part. 5)