![](https://steemitimages.com/DQmQLp5zRCPAtsZdkBFNAqa2GN33ZNXPNtuizzXq2oXC3Vx/image.png) <sup>[image source](https://pixabay.com/photo-3201015/)</sup> This is a phishing warning. The levels of malicious links in comments have reached extreme proportions. Nearly 500 accounts have been infected to date. # <center> DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS IN COMMENTS</center> # ---------- ## Example Phishing Scams - Free votes - 10% off votes - Promotion bot - Steemian Day - Your post was stolen - You stole a post - Anything else that gives you a link ## Other Scams - Bots that trawl for passwords that were accidentally posted - Bots that trick you into delegating all your SP There are **no short cuts**. These hackers and scammers are trying to trick you because they know you're trying to write a good blog and are getting no votes. They know you may not speak English too well or that you're using a mobile phone. They know that 90% of comments out there are bots. They're playing you. Don't let them. ![](https://steemitimages.com/DQmTzCsCFXZk9bCvYSW7vSrsyHn5MZj4TdV1zRHuQYf8GXg/image.png) <sup>[image source](https://pixabay.com/photo-964733/)</sup> ## What They Want - Your password - Your money - Your SP delegated to them - Your account to spread comments with # ---------- ## What You Can Do - Only use your private posting key (go to your wallet, then permissions tab to get it) ![](https://steemitimages.com/DQmcG8q2sVGTKJcubssagVcDV8ESQNrfJVHchTTp4gTt97k/image.png) - Monitor your wallet transactions - Recover your account if you can't log in (go to https://steemit.com/recover_account_step_1) and make sure you use the email address you signed up with - Change your password if they have your private posting key (https://steemit.com/change_password) - Go to steem.chat and ask for help in the #help or #steemitabuse channels # ---------- ## Report - See something suspicious? Report here https://steemcleaners.org/abuse-report/ - Report in steem.chat #steemitabuse or in Discord https://discord.gg/xzZvzV3 ![](https://steemitimages.com/DQmcVjkxXgD85s7DP2PZ2N6jprjVZ3R9KhwBLRKNnvyYzkq/image.png) <sup>[image source](https://pixabay.com/photo-2500010/)</sup> ## If You Got Hacked - Tell us and keep us up to date on how your recovery is going - Don't delete the flagged comments, just edit them to remove the phishing links the hackers posted - Make sure you change your password immediately if the hackers didn't change it - Start the recovery process immediately - If something went horribly wrong we will sponsor you a new STEEM account # Notes - The money the hackers stole can't be returned to you - If you lose some or all of your reputation in the process of being disinfected don't worry about it, it will come back over time - If you get a odd error while changing your password, wait a bit -- a password can only be changed once an hour - No, a hacker can't delete your account ![](https://steemitimages.com/DQmS3iCtaywGNvBhEVRUU8TS1xnkerTN5ZCmkK3pKVPPqYy/image.png) <sup>[image source](https://pixabay.com/photo-2660914/)</sup> ## FAQ **Read this first:** https://steemit.com/phishing/@guiltyparties/phishing-messages-faq **How do I check if I'm delegating my SP to a hacker?** http://www.steemreports.com/delegation-info/ **How do I undelegate the SP?** Undelegating is just re-delegating but with zero 'vests' (SP). You can undelegate with Steem Connect by changing parts of this URL: https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=youraccountnamehere&delegatee=thehackeraccountnamehere&vesting_shares=000000.000000%20VESTS **Who can I ask for help?** Myself (@guiltyparties), other @steemcleaners members (@patrice, @pjau, @anyx, @pfunk, @logic), @arcange, @bullionstackers, or most project leaders who are familiar with how STEEM works or how to reach us. Remember, you need to contact us to get taken off the *infected* list! <center> _**Translate this post into as many languages as possible to help spread the word!**_ </center> ---------- <p> <center> <table><tr><td><center> https://steemitimages.com/DQmRcL3B6KHEQw5ix94RBw2PPjMfycvzoqDxt7tp4hjAfw6/vet_for_edit_extrasmall.png</center> </td> <td><center> ##### Like what we're doing? Support us as a Witness. ###### Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses ###### At the bottom, type in *guiltyparties* ###### Click VOTE <a href="https://steemit.com/~witnesses"><img src="https://steemitimages.com/DQmPWsxRkoR766gh8SL43BcxMo3N4VMT8kbYxK4UPm4R1q8/image.png"></a> </center></td> <td><center>https://steemitimages.com/DQmPy3oWCme75KzEhisU7Pm4xcznCHViLcC3R3B7zw39q94/witness_for_edit_extra%20small.png</center></td></tr></table> </center> </p>