## Kuvera Engineering ### Job Role Senior Full Stack Engineer ### Job Requirements ##### Core Competence - strong personal motivation to learn and contribute to an existing code-base - sense of ownership and accountability - strong communication skills - familiarity with git-based development, especially pull-requests, rebasing, code-review process etc. - knowledge of web-applications, of the entire stack at a high level - basic knowledge of security, DNS resolution, authentication-authorization, API design, database migration, SQL schemas, form validation etc. - knowledge of REST APIs - knowledge of virtual DOM based JS framework, or at least one back-end technology like Ruby, Python, Node, Java etc. - experience working with customer facing web / mobile app - knowledge of SQL and databases like Postgres or MySQL - experience in load balancing, long-running background jobs, network layer etc. ##### Great to Have - ideas to make the product better for our users - knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Vue JS, Cordova, React, React-Native, iOS or Android native app devlopment, MySQL, Linux servers, NGINX, Node JS etc. - some basic idea about investments, taxes etc. ### Our Interview Process We do not evaluate our candidates on any particular domain, that's not relevant to their day-to-day contribution on the job. You'd certainly not be asked to invert a binary search tree, unless that's what you're required to do as part of your job responsibility. Our focus is on asking you to implement or solve problems, that's as close as possible to what we do at Kuvera. In particluar, we look forward to striking up a conversation with you, about projects you've already worked on and what you've learned from these. ### Our Team Culture We're transperant and open about communication in our team. Everyone's one degree of separation away from another, including company's CEO, COO, and CTO. We don't count employee leaves, and we expect engineers to manage their work with proper time-management. At Kuvera, we want our teammates to feel a strong sense of ownership of the product. Everyone's updated on business development in a timely fashion, and everyone's suggestion on business or technology is valued and discussed. ### What we offer Kuvera is an early stage startup, and we offer competitive employee stock options with market salary based on your experience and skill level. ### Disclaimer Kuvera is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and religious affinity.