# Quick Guide about “Can you Screenshot Onlyfans”? ![](https://i.imgur.com/5fa42rT.jpg) We all are used to taking screenshots or recording the screen on various social media platforms. If you are using onlyfans and you are wondering **can you screen record onlyfans content** or if you can take the screenshot or not. In this blog we are going to guide you about it and will tell you if you can take the screenshots or if you take it will the owner know about it. ## Do onlyfans allow screenshots? So, if you are wondering **[can you screenshot onlyfans](https://omiyou.com/read-blog/13185)** then the answer is short and simple: yes, you can take the screen shot of any content you want. Even though you can take a screenshot you cannot spread or distribute the content illegally on other social media platforms. In simple terms, you can take a screenshot and record the screen but you cannot distribute it illegally. ## Can the creators of Onlyfans know if you took a screenshot? Now, you can know that you can take a screenshot of any content you want and can keep it with you. If you are a creator and or a person if you want to know **[can onlyfans see if you screenshot](https://www.waybinary.com/can-you-screenshot-onlyfans/)** then we are also going to tell you about the same. The answer is that no, onlyfans is not going to notify a creator if you are taking a screenshot on the platform. ## How to take a screenshot on onlyfans platform? Since, onlyfans is not an app but a website which can only be accessed on browsers or on PCs so here are the steps using which you can take screenshots on a PC from onlyfans. On windows you can access **onlyfans** and the page or the content of which you want to take a screenshot after which you have to just press the print screen button on the screen for windows. Whereas, if you are accessing the platform on android or on an iphone, you have to open the drop down menu and then click on the screenshot option. We hope that the information which we have offered to you in the blog has been helpful for you and you were able to use this information.