# Study 1: Octalysis: the complete Gamification framework by Yu-Kai Chou ### Main Resource https://yukaichou.com/gamification-examples/octalysis-complete-gamification-framework/ ### Goal - Brief unstanding to gamification - Find handy referencable metrics - Find rule of thumb oppotunities for inspiration ### Note - Gamification is not only about games. We call it Gamification because the gaming industry was the first to focus on human-focused design. - Games have spent decades, or even centuries, learning how to master motivation and engagement. - Yu-Kai studies games and developed a complete Gamification framework to analyze and build strategies around various systems that make a game fun. - some games are inspring and empowering, while some others are manipulative and obsessive. - Octalysis is a Gamification framework with 8 Core Drives that makes a game fun. (The 9-th hidden core drive might be sensation) ### 8 Core Drives 1. Epic Meaning/ Calling - Provide the gamer a feeling of being chosen to do something greater than himself 1. Developement/ Accomplishment - Give internal drives of making a progress - Note to tune to the right level of challenge since a badge or trophy without a challenge is not meaningful 1. Empowerment of Creatively/ Feedback - Provide users ways to express their creativity - Provide feedback and result of their creativety - Eg. Lego and painting are fun in-and-of themselves because the results are expresive and feedbacks emerge naturally 1. Ownership/ Possession - Design interaction related to collection, accumulation, customization 1. Social Influence/ Relatedness - Design the social elements such as: mentorship, acceptance, social responses, companionship, competition or even envy 1. Scarcity/ Impatience - What are the elements in your game that are really important, crucial and key? Make the element in your game really scarce, and make your users wait to get it. 1. Unpredictability/ Curiosity - Movies, novels are good examples that generate unpredictability and would giove users motivation to dive in an engage - What are the elements in your game that the users might find curious to know? 1. Loss/ Avoidance - What is the element in your game that your users possess, and would like to avoid lossing?