Professional Basketball Player Sono Kim Min-wook "Goal to Play in All Regular Season Games" “Coach Seung-gi Kim is the one who will increase my competitiveness… I’m excited for the new season” A veteran big man who gives warm advice to rookies and is a ‘close older brother’ to foreign players Last May, when Dayone's poor management was a hot topic, veteran big man Kim Min-wook signed a free agent contract with Dayone. Goyang Sono, a professional basketball team, held a founding ceremony for the 'Goyang Sono Sky Gunners' at Sono Camp Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on the 20th, and Kim Min-wook has now become Sono's veteran center. **[스포츠토토](** In an interview after the founding ceremony, Kim Min-wook said, "I came here to play basketball just to see coach Kim Seung-gi, and I am indescribably happy that the club seems to have found its feet again. I understand that the gym is also under construction, and I am looking forward to it and feeling excited." Kim Min-wook said, "I wanted to go on the court and I came to Sono because I trust the coach's leadership," and explained coach Kim Seung-gi's recipe, saying, "The coach only sees the players' strengths and sends them out on the court, making sure their weaknesses are not highlighted." What coach Kim Seung-gi demands from Kim Min-wook is defense. [Kim Min-wook]( said, "They say that you should always be prepared on defense and be sensitive to the timing of steals and the opponent's reaction. Also, when playing trap defense, it is pointed out that you trap the opponent in the middle so that they cannot escape." He added, "I also need to be more careful with my shots. “We are trying to get them to shoot,” he said about the training situation. Kim Min-wook, who says, “Coach may be strong in his expressions, but if you make me more competitive on the basketball court, I will definitely accept it as a player,” does not spare advice to last season’s rookie Jo Jae-woo, whom Coach Kim has recently been ‘harshly’ guiding. Minwook Kim said, “I am roommates with Jaewoo Jo. There may be the basketball you want and the basketball you have played, but if you listen to the coach carefully, you will be able to play more at some point,” and won the championship while playing as a sixth man at Anyang Jeonggwanjang (KGC Ginseng Corporation at the time). He said he told his story about his experience. During the interview, foreign player [Jarrod Jones]( smiled at Minwook Kim and said, "My favorite player," while Josh Torralba, a Filipino national, playfully bowed and said "Hello, brother" in Korean.During the interview, foreign player Jarrod Jones smiled at Minwook Kim and said, "My favorite player," while Josh Torralba, a Filipino national, playfully bowed and said "Hello, brother" in Korean. Minwook Kim said, “Jones and I know well what style we have since we worked together at Suwon KT last season, and we ask each other how we are doing in English every morning.” “Toralba saw the music playlist we listen to during weight training and said to me, ‘DJ Terry. “I gave him a nickname,” he said, laughing. Kim Min-wook's goal this season is to play in all regular season games, something he has never achieved before. Minwook Kim said, “I think I will be able to play all games under the coach this season,” and added, “I want to become a player who can step on the court for all 54 games.”