# Everyday 'Crazy Player' NC coming out, 'double-digit long hits' this year Most batters Evenly hitting power is a strength... Batter with a net slugging percentage of 10% or more is tied for first place with SSG There is a saying that in order to cruise through the professional baseball postseason, a 'crazy player' must emerge. Unlike the regular season, since it is a short game, personal condition on the day and The team atmosphere must overlap exquisitely to produce players who show their potential. **[먹튀검증](https://www.totosafeguide.com)** Often, players who show off long hits that can turn the tide of a game or secure a victory are considered the “crazy players” of the day. NC Dinos are Wild This was also the factor that enabled them to win the 1st and 2nd games of the card game (WC) and semi-playoff (semi-PO). In the WC against the Doosan Bears, Seo Ho-cheol hit a come-from-behind grand slam in the 4th inning. In the first game of the semi-PO against SSG Landers, [Kim Seong-wook](https://blog.libero.it/wp/casinositewiki/2023/12/17/disabled-ag-shooting-mens-10m-air-rifle-domestic-fight/) hit the final two-run gun in the 8th inning. In the 8th inning, when Jun-PO was narrowly ahead at 4-3 in the second game, Kim Hyeong-jun scored a solo wedge. The top line went from Son Ah-seop to Park Min-woo to Park Geon-woo to Jason Martin. While the batting line is doing its job, the lower batting line appears to be showing off a surprising long hit. The background to NC's ability to continuously produce 'crazy players' is the wide 'field of long hitters'. This season, [NC Dinos](https://www.nn.ru/user.php?user_id=1446647&page=blog&blog_id=3528537)'s slugging percentage and net slugging percentage ranked 2nd (349) and 3rd (0.117) in the league, respectively. Although it was a respectable performance, both categories It is behind SSG, which leads the way (370 long hits, net slugging percentage of 0.129). NC's real strength lies in the fact that its slugging power is not biased toward specific hitters. Even if there are no unrivaled long hitters like SSG Choi Jeong or Hanwha Eagles' Noh Si-hwan, the size of the pool of players who can become 'crazy players' is not inferior. In fact, NC has a total of 14 batters who hit more than 10 long balls this season, the most among the 10 teams. After that, SSG (13), Lotte Giants (12), Hanwha Eagles, KIA Tigers and KT Wiz (11 more) are in that order. Park Geon-woo (48), [Son A-seop](https://www.reddit.com/user/totosafeguide/comments/18jffmr/busan_debut_big_success_heo_woong_excited_by_the/) (44), Martin (39), and Park Min-woo (29) take the top spot. Seo Ho-cheol (25), Kwon Hee-dong (23), and Kim Joo-won (21) exceeded 20. Afterwards, Park Se-hyuk, Yoon Hyeong-jun (18), Kim Seong-wook (16), Oh Young-soo (14), Do Tae-hoon (11), etc. in that order. Kim Hyung-jun recorded 8 long hits despite playing only 26 games. SSG for NC. If [Choi Jeong](https://casinositewiki.edublogs.org/2023/12/17/ulsan-coach-hong-myung-bo-need-a-win-against-johor/) (60) is blocked well in the third game of the semi-PO, 'a surprise long hit' You can picture yourself ahead in the fight. In the case of hitters with a net slugging percentage higher than 100%, NC and SSG tied for the lead with 14. Second place is Kiwoom Heroes (12 players), and tied for third place are KIA and Samsung Lions (11 players each). Batter with more than 10 extra-base hits and a net slugging percentage of over 10% are also NC and SSG had the most with 10 each.