# The Rain that Never Stops... ‘Fall Baseball’ Inevitably Becomes ‘Winter Baseball’ # Even after the remaining schedule was announced, rain cancellations were frequent and the postseason was held beyond mid-October. Due to the rain that never stops, the 2023 professional baseball regular league schedule is heading towards a breakdown. **[스포츠토토](https://www.totosafeguide.com)** After the summer rainy season and the 'second rainy season', fall rain is falling on the 13th. The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that this rain will continue until the weekend. The KBO secretariat's struggles to prepare for the postseason are deepening. On August 29, the KBO secretariat announced the remaining game schedule, which consists of 116 games, including 50 unscheduled games and 66 games canceled due to rain. The goal was to finish the regular season on October 10th and play the wild card game, the first gateway to 'fall baseball', on October 12th two days later. However, on the day the remaining game schedule was announced, all five games were canceled due to rain across the country, and seven more games were not held thereafter. As the carefully planned schedule was in danger of being disrupted again, **[KBO secretariat officials](https://bm.cari.com.my/home.php?mod=space&uid=2602580&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=475245)** could not hide their embarrassment. KBO said, "If even one game is canceled per day, the regular league schedule is extended by one day. As of the 12th, considering the schedule that was canceled later, the regular league was scheduled to end on October 14th and the postseason begin on October 16th, but due to rain on the 13th, the regular league schedule will be extended by one day." Also, if it is canceled, the final game of the regular league will be postponed to October 15th and the start of the postseason will be postponed to October 17th.” If the rain continues through the weekend, at worst, the wild card series could start on October 20th. ‘Winter baseball’ has become a reality. The KBO secretariat is considering various alternatives, such as suspending Bae Su-jin and holding the remaining games between teams eliminated from the postseason during the 'fall baseball' period. In an attempt to turn this year into a turning point for the difficulties in progressing the schedule to the point where the modifier 'all-time best' is not at all awkward, the KBO secretariat will finalize the outline of next year's regular league schedule at the executive committee, a meeting of general managers from 10 clubs held on the 19th. It's true. Summarizing public opinion in the baseball world, it appears that the regular season will open in the early March 20th, more than a week earlier than this year, and that it will also discuss a plan to accommodate the arguments of some field leaders and organize regular Monday games rather than double headers. As the 3rd Premier 12 hosted by the **[World Baseball Softball Confederation](https://linkhay.com/blog/917417/hwang-seon-hong-confirmed-for-afc-u-23-asian-cup-finals)** (WBSC) will be held from November 10 to 24 next year, the postseason schedule must be completed by the end of October, considering the convocation training of national team players.