# PlayStation VR2 Confirms Major Drawback PlayStation VR2, Sony's cutting edge computer generated experience headset that is being developed for PlayStation 5, won't be in reverse viable with unique PlayStation VR games. The PlayStation VR2 headset is set to make a few critical headways, presenting new regulators and different features that will apparently make it challenging for the new headset to be viable with the more established games. This is reasonable disappointing information for VR fans who already have an assortment of unique PlayStation VR games that they were expecting to play utilizing the PlayStation VR2 headset. All things considered, the first PlayStation VR headset has been around for six years right now, and it's seen some critical augmented experience releases in its time, including the exceptionally evaluated Astro Bot Rescue Mission, fan most loved music/cadence game Beat Saber, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Nonetheless, it appears to be for the PlayStation VR2 to really be a jump forward, these more established games must be abandoned. PlayStation's Hideaki Nishino made sense of as much in the most recent episode of the Authority PlayStation Digital recording, calling attention to how the PlayStation VR2 has new regulators and eye-following that wouldn't be guaranteed to work with more seasoned VR titles that were made with the first headset and PS Move regulators as a top priority. Fortunately while PlayStation VR2 headsets can not play more seasoned PlayStation VR games, the first PlayStation VR headset can in any case be utilized on a PS5 console. Those interested should purchase a PlayStation VR headset connector to do as such, yet it's superior to just having the option to get to one's PS VR library on a PlayStation 4 control center. https://issuu.com/offroad-outlaws-unlimited-money-ios https://issuu.com/f1-clash-unlimited-money-ios https://issuu.com/asphalt-9-ios-hack-unlimited-tokens https://issuu.com/rival-stars-horse-racing-gold-ios https://issuu.com/nfs-no-limits-ios-gold-hack https://issuu.com/top-drives-unlimited-money-and-gold-ios https://issuu.com/car-parking-multiplayer-money-hack-ios https://issuu.com/evony-unlimited-gems-ios https://issuu.com/top-war-unlimited-gems-ios https://issuu.com/puzzles-and-survival-ios-hack-diamonds https://issuu.com/state-of-survival-ios-mod-biocaps https://issuu.com/age-of-origins-unlimited-gold-ios https://issuu.com/golf-clash-ios-hack-unlimited-coins-gems https://issuu.com/8-ball-pool-ios-hack-unlimited-coins https://issuu.com/episode-hack-ios-unlimited-passes-gems Almost certainly, a portion of the more famous computer generated experience games will get legitimate PlayStation VR2 ports sooner or later at any rate. It's difficult to see Beat Saber skipping PlayStation VR2, for instance. However, while the better more seasoned games might take the leap toward PlayStation VR2 in the long run, the real spotlight will be on the fresh out of the plastic new encounters that are being worked starting from the earliest stage to work with Sony's new computer generated experience headset. Probably the most eminent games currently being developed for PlayStation VR2 are Skyline Call of the Mountain, Firewall Ultra, and The Strolling Dead: Holy people and Miscreants - Section 2: Retribution. PlayStation VR2 is additionally getting computer generated reality adaptations of well known games that already exist, similar to No Man's Sky and Resident Malicious Town. So while PlayStation VR2 adopters will not have the option to play their unique PlayStation VR games on the new headset, they ought to in any case have a lot of new titles to look at.