<!--![](https://i.imgur.com/UUfnt0u.jpg =200x) --> ![](https://i.imgur.com/Lfzuarx.jpg) Planning Anthillhacks (Dec 2022) This is an editable document.. serves as drafts for https://open.janastu.org/labs/anthill Please edit in your support, collaboration, participation interests and also who would you want to be **at** and **in** anthillhacks. email: anthillhacks@janastu.org short link: https://bit.ly/ants2223 Anthillhacks **2022 - 2023** Starting Dec 15th we begin the build activities and invite friends and community to help. We expect the event activities to start by the weekend after which is the 17th and 18th of December. We expect it to go on until the end of the year but most activities to peak by the weekend of 24th This will ofcourse be a CN (Community Networks) space and will be bringing in dWeb concepts starting this year. ## STORIES - everyday some stories and films *Performative arts* * data and rituals (30% of economy; creating markets by formalising the informal economy) * creative community displays * community radio * music and puppets - commemoration day by friends of agnii *Crafts* * crafts and arts * makerspaces and robotics * crafts with plastics * crafts with natural material - crafts.janastu.org *Resources* * follow the sheep and other map based story telling * resource mapping excercises * mapeo and maptales *Technologies* * voice communications and media archiving * annotations and renarration * telescope, observatory, streams (make a telescope. observe. discuss science) * rethinking tools - raw material *Science^ * science education discussions - SHD parallel why light travels in a straight line; precious plastic * sustainable structures, telescope and open space events *Care, Nurishment and Children* * camera obscura, .. * 0penstudi0 activities at thalli * AC3 at thalli ## GENDER - everyday on Gender and inclusion Facilitated gender days * Ritash, Solidarity foundation, stree jagriti geeta menon * sarbani shalini shefali shama - on crafts, cooking and engagements with community *computing (foss)* - why is there prevelance of men in open source - identity and how it affects decision making - coord: bhanu and prasoon and sha.. shravya (fsmi and fsftn doing phd); fsci had a diversity camp *connectivity* - accessibility of devices to females in the family - how gaurded the devices that allow connections - patriarchic social-moral systems *Care and community* * Govt bodies to interact with women and discuss programs at hand * Home care and neighborhood care - planning for the year ahead * maintenance vs innovation ## FOOD - everyday on consumption, care and nuture ==Cook and learn every day on consuption patterns, nature to plate * cooking camps in the villages * hikes treks and bouldering * organic and permaculture * e-vehicles and rural design * heritage and biodiverity narratives (ethno botanical practices) ## Community Network and dWeb Libre Routers and CN services, and how Stories, Gender and Food interact in this networked space * libre router and antennas * community networks and services * cowlanding (mesh portal) and applications * internet independence and education * community networks - and sharing - and services - dweb - user management (IAM - identity and access management) * programming abstractions, languages, architecture for the region * Mon school, FOSS United, Barcamp, Chiguru discussions and activities --- The event will be **distributed** in the COWMesh area but the iruWay Ola (campus) will have the main gatherings with accommodation in and around the campus. **We invite** individuals and organizations to get in touch with us. Please send your proposals of how you can help build activities around your interests and work to anthillhacks@janastu.org and we will get back to you. **build days** - nodes setup with aspi, mesh extended with additonal nodes including test setups - spaces for activities - distributed and CN contexts - COWLanding page setup - people roles and responsibilities Other topics suggested: statistics and awareness - R value during covid - Viruses and vaccines - Look at some data (R/python with data collected during anthillhacks) HQ - adventure, boulders, rappling, science invite TVS students to share social sciences - and anthropology - individual Sustainable Resources Mapping - utilization (water during summer times, drinkable water) - forest resources - sustainable practices