# Computer Architecture: Quiz 1. Assume the base address of array `A[]` is stored in register `s0`. Describe what the following RISC-V instructions (RV32I) do: ```clike lw t0, 0(s0) lw t1, 8(s0) add t2, t0, t1 sw t2, 4 (s0) ``` 2. Inside a procedure the following code is found: ```clike testproced: addi sp, sp, -12 sw ra, 0(sp) sw s0, 4(sp) sw s1, 8(sp) ... ``` Answer the questions below: a) what might be a reason be for saving the return address on the stack? b) why is the stack pointer decremented by 12? c) show the last 4 lines of this procedure which immediately precede the return from procedure instruction (or jalr instruction):