# Why is Mastering the Basic Ollie Crucial Before Attempting Higher Ollies Skateboarding is a popular activity among people of all ages because it is exciting and active. The ollie is a basic technique that every skateboarder has to learn. Anybody hoping to improve their skateboarding abilities must master the ollie, since it is the foundation for many other tricks and techniques. This article explains why it's essential to learn the fundamental ollie before trying more advanced ones. ![Why is Mastering the Basic Ollie Crucial Before Attempting Higher Ollies](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/B1TQ8P_Bp.jpg) **The Basis of Skateboarding Expertise** The ollie is the core talent that unlocks a universe of possibilities on a skateboard, not simply a trick. The foundation for more complex tricks is laid by learning how to launch the board into the air and level it out. It becomes very difficult to try more intricate feats if you don't have a firm grasp of the fundamental ollie. **Harmony and Arrangement** An ollie must be executed well, balancing strength, timing, and synchronization. In order to provide the pop and lift required for the ollie, the foot, ankle, and leg must move in unison. Skateboarders may improve their balance and coordination by perfecting the fundamental ollie, which paves the way for more difficult ollies. **Comprehending Board Control** Exact control over the board is essential to every skateboard trick. You may practice this control by learning how to maneuver the board while it's in midair with the ollie. High-ollie attempts are perilous without proper board control, since falls and injuries are more likely. **Building Confidence** A vital component of skateboarding advancement is confidence. Skateboarders gain confidence when they master the basic ollie since they have a core skill under their belt. When trying more difficult tricks, such higher ollies, this confidence becomes a valuable tool since a skater who is comfortable with the fundamentals is better able to push their limitations. **Preventing Injury** Like any extreme activity, skateboarding is not without its perils. Trying harder ollies before you've mastered the fundamentals makes you more likely to be hurt. Skaters know their body and the board better after learning the fundamental ollie, lowering the likelihood of injuries while doing more complex feats. **Conclusion:** Mastering the fundamental ollie is a smart step for skateboarders who want to rise, physically and metaphorically. Prospective skateboarders should concentrate on developing a solid foundation by perfecting the fundamental ollie as they start on their quest. The way to more difficult tricks and higher ollies becomes safe and accessible once this foundational ability is mastered. To answer the question **[how to ollie higher](https://www.goskate.com/top/how-to-ollie-and-ollie-higher/)**, it is necessary to first grasp the fundamentals. Develop your foundation, polish your abilities, and progressively push your boundaries since, in skating, the rush of reaching new heights all starts with a well-executed ollie.