# What Makes Skateboard Lessons Start with the Fundamentals Over the years, skateboarding has become a very popular sport, but it's more than just heart-pounding feats and tricks. It's a kind of art where a solid foundation in the fundamentals is necessary. Lessons on skateboarding nearly always start with the basics, regardless of previous experience level. This article explains why skateboard instruction start with the fundamentals. ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HJhxjEZg6.jpg) **What makes starting the Basics with Safety necessary?** Safety is one of the main reasons skateboard instructions focus on the fundamentals. Particularly for newcomers, skateboarding may be dangerous. To lower the chance of accidents, start with the basics: good foot placement, balance, and pushing methods. NYC skateboarding schools focus safety and teach kids how to prevent accidents. **Building a Strong Foundation** A strong foundation is necessary for skateboarding, just as for any other activity. Acquiring fundamental knowledge is crucial for creating a solid foundation upon which to construct more complex abilities. Basic skateboarding abilities include balance, stance (normal or goofy), and pushing. Trying out complex feats without a strong foundation may be risky and frustrating. **Learning Proper Techniques** Skateboarding is a sport that involves several skills and tricks in addition to riding a board. Students may acquire and become proficient in the appropriate approaches by beginning with the fundamentals. Fundamental abilities underpin ollies, kickflips, and grinds. NYC skateboarding teachers may help students improve muscle memory and form by beginning with the fundamentals. **Boosting Confidence** Skateboarding may be scary to newcomers. Beginning with basic skating moves helps novice skaters become more confident. Mastering the fundamentals gives pupils a feeling of satisfaction and fosters further challenge. Skateboarding requires confidence to overcome fear and learn harder tricks. **Recognizing Equipment** A specific set of tools is needed for skateboarding, including grip tape, trucks, wheels, and the skateboard itself. Part of the fundamentals is understanding the elements and their interactions. **[NYC skateboarding school](https://nycskateboardlessons.info/)** educate skateboard maintenance for safety and fun. Knowing their gear helps skaters upgrade or customize their boards. **Safety Equipment and Injury Avoidance** Skateboarding is a physically hard sport with a high risk of injury. Initiating from the foundation involves highlighting the significance of protective gear, such helmets, knee and elbow pads. NYC skateboarding teachers teach safety and harm prevention. Developing appropriate falling tactics is another essential component of safety. **Developing Reflex Memory** The key to skateboarding is muscle memory. These motions grow more and more automatic the more you practice the fundamentals. It is essential to have this muscle memory while trying more difficult techniques. Learning the basics early on helps pupils create the appropriate muscle memory, making skateboarding simpler. **Conclusion** To help kids enjoy skateboarding and learn the skills and information needed for safety and success, NYC skateboarding schools focus these essentials. Remember, whether you're a beginner or an experienced skater trying to better, start with the fundamentals to establish a solid foundation with NYC skating school.