# What is the Purpose of Altcoins Alongside the original Bitcoin, altcoins have grown to prominence in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency space. However, why were these alternative digital currencies created? Within the blockchain ecosystem, cryptocurrencies have fulfilled a range of functions and demands since their conception and continue to do so. ![What is the Purpose of Altcoins](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/rkf0cRlbA.png) **Addressing Limitations** Altcoins often arise in reaction to alleged shortcomings in the market for current cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Scalability challenges, large transaction fees, lengthy transaction times, and mining energy usage concerns may be limits. To solve these issues and provide better solutions, developers might fork from already-existing blockchains or create brand-new ones. **Forking from Established Blockchains** A lot of altcoins originate from blockchain splits on well-known platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Developers or community members fork blockchains when they disagree with its direction and establish a new version with updated features. These splits may be deliberate or contested, with several factors causing them to occur. **Competing with Established Cryptocurrencies** A few altcoins want to take on well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin head-to-head. For instance, Bitcoin Cash was forked from Bitcoin to provide quicker and cheaper transactions as a more efficient payment mechanism. Within the bitcoin ecosystem, these altcoins aim to attract consumers and increase their market share by providing unique features and value propositions. **Supporting Specific Use Cases** Altcoins are often created to support certain use cases or applications inside the blockchains that they belong to. Ethereum's native coin, Ether (ETH), pays transaction fees and incentivizes protocol validation. Decentralized applications (DApps) may be created thanks to Ethereum's programmable smart contract feature, and using these apps requires Ether. **Technological Progress** **[Altcoins](https://finvalix.com/)** function as testing and implementation grounds for blockchain technology breakthroughs. Altcoins bring novel consensus processes, privacy features, interoperability solutions, and governance frameworks. The general development and maturity of the bitcoin ecosystem is aided by these developments. **Encouraging Decentralization and Gratitude** In the cryptocurrency world, the emergence of altcoins helps to further inclusion and decentralization. Altcoins provide specialized businesses, smaller communities, and creative enterprises a chance to flourish by providing alternatives to Bitcoin. Alternative banking systems may also help underprivileged populations access cryptocurrencies. **Addressing Specific Market Needs** Altcoins are often developed to fill in certain market gaps or demands that aren't sufficiently covered by the current crop of cryptocurrencies. These demands may vary from privacy-focused transactions (Monero) to decentralized banking (DeFi) to gaming (Enjin Coin). By focusing on these specific sectors, cryptocurrencies are able to provide customized solutions and draw in consumers with certain needs and preferences. **Taking Chances and Experimenting** In the cryptocurrency realm, altcoins provide a platform for experimenting and taking risks. Without the limitations of existing blockchain networks, developers and entrepreneurs may experiment with new concepts and technology. This leeway to try new things encourages innovation and propels progressive projects that might someday impact the larger bitcoin ecosystem. Moreover, cryptocurrencies let users and investors diversify their holdings and become involved in projects that fit their investing goals and risk tolerance. **Conclusion** Altcoins are intended to solve constraints in current cryptocurrencies and promote blockchain ecosystem innovation and inclusion. Whether they are used or not, altcoins are essential to the development and diversification of the digital currency market. Altcoins will probably continue to be a major factor influencing how the cryptocurrency market develops in the future.