# How to Clone PCB Board Find PCB cloning companies and suppliers. Choose high quality pcb clone company, supplier, China Shenzhen OROD technology exporter. Do you have a legal electronic PCB, but no circuit design documents? How does the factory produce it? You do not have PCB production and circuit assembly PCB Gerber drwaings files. You want to rework the circuit board (PCB), also known as secondary development. But you don't have a PCB file. In this case you must have PCB cloning! Send us a picture of the PCB you want to copy, front and back clear picture. In particular, the chip model must be photographed clearly. And tell us the approximate length and width. If you can know the PCB board size in detail, we can accurately evaluate the price of PCB reproduction for you. If you don't know your board. When we receive your photos, we can only give you a **[PCB clone price](https://icunlock-mcucrack.com/pcb/pcb-clone/)**. PCB cloning service enables you to copy the same electronic products as the original PCB board. For simple electronic circuits, it is not difficult to copy a PCB. If the circuit involves intelligent controller, complex MCU you should choose icunlock-mcucrack.com very experienced integrity company for your service. So you can rest assured and worry! What is the cloning PCB board order process? ![](https://i.imgur.com/m6Glsz5.jpg) 1. Take a sample photo and send it to the official customer service of icunlock-mcucrack through the Internet; 2. We will assign professional engineers to quote you the rough price. If there is a program, please tell us or take clear photos of the IC; Why only a rough price? Because the PCB board is a complex product. Not a lot of hidden technology is visible on the surface. Including the buried hole (can only be found after polishing out in the process of PCB copy board). Such as the number of PCB layers. It is also in the process of making cloned PCB files that we can accurately find. 3. After agreeing to the offer, according to the address provided by our clone PCB service engineer. Send a working original sample to Shenzhen OROD Technology official. 4. The company received the sample, made the PI and paid, and then began to clone the PCB board file; 5. After the work is completed, we will send you the following files: PCB file, PCB layout, Bom list, schematic diagram, Gerber file, Original Photos, PCB board scan drawing, etc. 6. You can send the PCB clone files we made to the electronics factory for production samples. 7. Test the cloned samples. Modify. Optimization, etc. 8. Mass produce your product.