# Autark’s Research Topics As part of our *Reinforcing User Research Efforts* initiative, we will survey the market, existing users, and potential users to help prioritize and strategize our roadmap. Hence this research can result in adjustments to current AGP deliverables and help inform plans for future AGPs. In addition to market and user research, we will perform technical research to determine the feasibility and timelines for more open-ended ideas. What is presented below are some of our exploratory questions and potential research focuses that we will use an initial template. ## 01 - Maintaining Open Enterprise - Does it make sense to add logic to aragonOS to recognize the concept of a “suite” to allow more development flexibility as we continue to expand and improve Open Enterprise? ## 02 - Expanding Projects - What insightful metrics and information can we display to project managers to help them understand the health of their bounties? - Are there alternative incentive mechanisms we could employ to increase participation in a DAO? ## 03 - Expanding Finace - Would it be helpful if DAOs could spawn subsidiary DAOs to enable more advanced grant management and permission systems? ## 04 - Expanding Social - What views and sorting mechanisms should we implement for discussion data? - Are there innovative discussion dynamics, such as predefined debate arenas, that could be helpful for DAOs? - Do Aragon users want native chat experience or do they want Aragon integrated with chat platforms? - How can we create fair and transparent ways for the community to provide their opinion or sentiment on an upcoming proposal? - How can we create profiles to cater to users that prefer to remain pseudonymous? ## 05 - Enabling Organization Insights - What is the best way to deliver a global, ecosystem dashboard with high level metrics, pending votes, and open bounties -- across multiple DAOs? - What metrics are most insightful for users and organizations? - How can we integrate external webhooks into organization dashboards? ## 06 - Enabling New Governance Mechanisms - What voting patterns are being requested by the community that Aragon doesn’t support yet? - What voting patterns are taking off in the market that we predict future Aragon users may want? - Should we prioritize another voting pattern above a consensus app, such as ranked choice, select one of many, time-locking (with weighting based on lock length)? ## 07 - Making Aragon More Inclusive - What information do users wish to keep private versus public? - How can we make Aragon accessible to those with disabilities by meeting certain standards? - What is the best way to translate UI into right to left languages? - What technologies can we use to support privacy features? ## 08 - Facilitating Smart Contract Based IPFS Pinning - How can we construct an architecture to be useful for ecosystems outside of Aragon? - How can we productize this architecture so that teams could make passive money from extra storage space? - How might we integrate this service with Filecoin? ## 09 - Strengthening Network Sustainability - Do ANT holders think having a semi-centralized fork of Aragon to facilitate revenue generation for the network or ecosystem teams is aligned with the Aragon manifesto? - What analysis tools and insights should we use to select the top project ideas? - Which of these projects makes the most sense for the DAO to facilitate? - Aragon client fork that reworks aspects of the architecture to cater toward SaaS business models with fiat on/off ramps - Token sale platform that complies with securities laws in various jurisdictions - App Center monetization features - Professional services network where discounted rates are provided when using ANT to pay for services. ## 10 - Driving Ecosystem Development - Is it possible to organize cooperative hackathons that use Open Enterprise? - What is the best way to facilitate curating features from potential Aragon users? ## 11 - Facilitating AGP Execution - If an AGP requires a technical dependency, should it belong to a different track in the AGP process? ## 12 - Facilitating Developer Support - Would the people that are developing Aragon apps prefer apps to be built for them, instead of having to learn the stack? - What does the community think is the area that needs more attention: documentation or chat support?