# Rewards Post-Altair ## Expected Rewards The rewards you can expect on mainnet as of November 2 2021 are: * Attestations: 0.0040-0.0042 ETH per day * Blocks: 0.018-0.03 ETH per block * Sync committee membership: ~0.08 per sync committee participation ## Why? * The new sync committees feature has created a new role for validators. Every 256 epochs (27 hours) a new random group of 512 validators is selected to publish sync committee messages, which are similar to attestations. * If you observe substantially higher rewards for a day or two without any block proposals then your validator is likely a member of a sync committee. * Rewards for block proposals are 4x higher than previously. This is to incentivise efficient and timely block production. * Net issuance has remained the same, so the expected long term earnings for validators are the same but the percentage of rewards from attestations is lower. * **You should expect slightly lower attestation rewards**. Given the current validator count you should expect around 0.0040-0.0042 ETH per day per validator. * The issues with late blocks causing attestations to miss head/target still exist. The estimate above for attestation rewards factors in 1-2 missed target votes and 8-9 missed head votes per day. These misses are outside your control and are due to mild misbehaviour by a small number of block proposers. Several protocol changes to disincentivise late blocks are being discussed to resolve the issue. ## Further Reading * Vitalik's explanation of sync committees and how they enable light clients: https://github.com/ethereum/annotated-spec/blob/master/altair/sync-protocol.md * Pintail's modelling of the Altair reward changes: https://pintail.xyz/posts/modelling-the-impact-of-altair/ * Scripts for viewing the current sync committees: https://gist.github.com/michaelsproul/17d1653ace9bd40b7b684a1d7c2a379d