# NEWS !!! Wagner chief buried in private funeral Yurii Malashko, head of Zaporizhzhia region military administration, said the mandatory evacuation of children from several settlements close to the front lines is underway. In the last few weeks, CNN has reported on signs that Ukrainian forces have penetrated Russian defenses along part of the southern front lines in Zaporizhzhia region and are expanding a wedge toward the strategic town of Tokmak, while stepping up attacks on Russian-occupied Crimea. The Ukrainian military's General Staff said there had been success in two areas — toward the village of Novoprokopivka and further east in the direction of another small settlement, Ocheretuvate. Meanwhile, the governor of the Russian region of Bryansk said a Ukrainian cross-border rocket fire has left an unspecified number of people dead, including a child. Gov. Alexander Bogomaz said on Telegram that the Ukrainian military had fired at the village of Klimovo with the multiple launch rockets (MLRS). "According to preliminary information, unfortunately, there are dead, including one child. As a result of the shelling, five civilians, including children, were injured," he said, adding school buildings and several administrative buildings were damaged, and residential premises destroyed. Here are the latest developments: The Ukrainian military is losing about 40 drones a day, official says: Ukraine's defense and security forces lose about 40 to 45 reconnaissance drones per day on average, according to a senior official. Yurii Shchyhol, head of the State Special Communications Service, said on Ukrainian television Tuesday the number includes the "most basic Mavic, Matrice and large professional drones of Ukrainian and foreign production." Ukrainian soldiers speak of chaos amid combat on the southern front: Ukrainian and Russian accounts speak of heavy fighting along part of the southern front, as Kyiv's forces try to push further toward the strategic hub of Tokmak. Much of the combat is taking place south and east of the village of Robotyne, which the Ukrainians claimed to have secured last week. One unofficial Ukrainian Telegram channel used by soldiers of the 46th separate airmobile brigade said the Russians were trying to counterattack and were testing Ukrainian lines. US announces additional $250 million security assistance package for Ukraine: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the assistance package includes air defense missiles, artillery ammunition, Javelin systems and rockets, and mine-clearing equipment. The US will also be supplying ambulances "spare parts, services, training, and transportation," Blinken said. Prighozhin funeral and impact: Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin's funeral took place "in a closed format," according to Concord Management, the company Prigozhin owned. The company did not specify when the funeral took place. "Those wishing to say goodbye can visit the Porokhovskoe cemetery" in St. Petersburg, Concord's press service added. According to Russian media outlet MSK1, Prigozhin was buried at the cemetery at about 4 p.m. local time Tuesday. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Tuesday the fate of Prigozhin proves the futility of possible peace negotiations with Russia. 3 hr 16 min ago Well-known Ukrainian pilot killed in plane crash honored in ceremony in Kyiv, defense ministry says From CNN's Radina Gigova and Yulia Kesaieva Prominent Ukrainian pilot Andrii Pilshchikov, also known by the call sign "Juice,” was laid to rest in Kyiv on Tuesday, Ukraine's defense ministry said in a post on social media. "Today, loved ones, combat brothers and sisters, and Kyivans bid farewell to a legendary pilot of the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade, Major (posthumously) Andrii Pilshchykov," the ministry said. "He was among those who helped Ukraine survive the first terrible days of the invasion. He made significant strides in ensuring that F-16s join the defense of Ukraine’s skies. Unfortunately, he didn't live to see the fulfillment of his dream," the ministry said. Pilshchikov died in a plane crash in the Zhytomyr region along with two other pilots on Friday. The farewell ceremony took place Tuesday in the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) in Kyiv. Ukrainian Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk was among the attendees. "Rest in peace, Juice. You started this journey; your brothers and sisters will finish it. Ukraine will be free. Ukraine will join NATO. Ukraine’s skies will be safeguarded by the most modern jets," the ministry said. "Juice" was a MiG-29 pilot and part of a unit known as “Ghost of Kyiv” that defended central and northern Ukraine during the first days of the war. In an interview last year with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, "Juice" said he got his nickname during a trip to the United States. He said his friends came up with the nickname because he doesn’t drink alcohol and was always asking for juice instead. Tuesday is also the "Day of Remembrance of the Fallen Defenders of Ukraine" for soldiers who have died since 2014, according to the ministry. <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407923504212344837">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407926605203898375">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407926668772769797">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407932472917753862">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407933398919413765">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407965737926000647">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407965674306797571">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407970774815342598">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407965959024541698">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407971273711026180">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407973966655520776">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407975812124114944">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407975907133489155">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407977840061710338">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1407977883665694728">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408049674002104325">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408049805040549891">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408053658976780295">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408053570426634243">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408053796516397058">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408056741723111427">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408056806852263944">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408056882098077697">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408056947093012487">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408057026239528968">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408225708815155205">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408225632579485699">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408225899077173248">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408223887841296387">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408230133537439753">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408230239745605633">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408230052503486466">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408230036229586945">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408225533568745477">ONEPLUS</a> <a href="https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1408230349166608386">ONEPLUS</a> "Thousands have given their lives so that millions could live and continue their struggle. Never forget them," the ministry said.