# Scisprint 2021 Mid August: Python ZH TW Doc ###### tags: `scisprint` https://sciwork.dev/sprint/2021/08mid-pycht # Agenda * Improve the project scheduling. Currently, this project is calling for the coordinator, and no one is available for review. We should re-planning the jobs in this project. Please feel free to share your opinions about the work in the project like the thoughts about the review workflow, translation work scheduling, etc. * Improve the review. We are facing the bottleneck of translation for reviewing, and the review process is not efficient. We need to improve the review process including building a review workflow or mechanism. * Improve glossary. We have not had consistent translation of many English words. Find better ways to unify how terminology is translated. * Automation and CI. We do not have any CI at the moment, but we should. We should check for build errors for each of the PRs, use of whites spaces, and daily update of source strings. * Review and discussion about previous action items. # Attendees - yyc - Josix (host) - Set - YuYanghh - Benson - Matt Wang # Note * [Josix] The biggest bottleneck is translation review. Steven has done a lot of translation. * [Matt] Would like to start by reviewing. It will be better to start early and iteration. Josix concurs. * [Benson] It will be good to obtain some existing experiences on translation. * [Set] How different are between translation and reviewing? * [yuyang] If we do not have experience reviewing, can we get together to set up some preliminary guidelines? * [yyc] Translators and reviewers can be two roles of the same people. * [Josix] After we progress to a certain state, hopefully a new coordinator emerges automatically. See https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0545/ . * [yyc] Perhaps we can ask https://twitter.com/PeterWolfTW to see if DroidTown is interested in helping the Chinese langauge processing of the document. * [Set] We should make sure the glossary are consistent. (One united copy.) * [Matt] The CI infrastructure heavily depends on how translation team operates. For example [China](https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-cn/tree/master/.github) and [Japan](https://github.com/python-doc-ja?type=source) teams work in totally different ways. * We may start with reviewing other teams. Then consider pulling from English upstream and integration with transifex. * Some "original" texts to be translated have already diverged from the latest English texts. * [Matt] Our github README is in a good shape. It is not necessary to make significant update. * Everybody in today's sprint can follow the README to set up the translation. # Action Items - [ ] Matt - [ ] add CI scripts pulling from upstream. - [x] review [#97 (tutorial/stdlib.po)](https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw/pull/97) - [ ] Host next meeting (3 weeks later) - [ ] Josix will start to review Steven's translation. - https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw/pull/77 - Ask permission for reviewing - [ ] YuYanghh 和 Steven 討論出統一的 Glossary Reference - [x] review [#89 (floatingpoint.po)](https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw/pull/89) - [ ] Set - [ ] review [#93 (bugs.po)](https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw/pull/93) - [ ] Benson - [ ] review [#80 (tutorial/stdlib2.po)](https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw/pull/80) - [ ] Hold sprints regularly * Next sprint to follow sciwork flow like: https://github.com/sciwork/swportal/pull/70 * Sequence: Josix, Matt, Set, Benson, YuYanghh