# Scisprint Taipei 2023 February - Project list ###### tags: `scisprint` ## modmesh C++/Python hybrid system for hyperbolic PDE solvers and the required mesh definition. * **Project link**: https://github.com/solvcon/modmesh * **Project Contact**: Yung-Yu Chen (@yyc#7718) * **Background knowledge**: Proficient in modern C++ (we currently use 17, but most of the time 11 is sufficient), proficient in the CPython (both the Python language and the C part), some understandings to computational mechanics and/or computational geometry. * **Software Requirements:** * **Subjects**: TBD * **Participants** (also add your names here): ## uTensor uTensor is an extremely lightweight machine learning inference framework built on TensorFlow and optimized for Arm targets. It consists of a runtime library and an offline tool that handles most of the model translation work. This repo holds the core runtime and some example implementations of operators, memory managers/schedulers, and more, and the size of the core runtime is only ~2KB! * **Project link**: https://utensor.github.io/website/ * **Project Contact**: Dboy Liao (@dboyliao#1295) * **Background knowledge**: Neural Network (Computational Graph) * **Software Requirements**: C++11, Python3 (TensorFlow2), Unix-like System (recommended) * **Subjects**: 1. runtime (pure C++) * kernel implementation (Tensorflow or PyTorch) * code generator (C++ and Python mixed) 2. PyTorch front end * upgrade to latest Tensorflow * modern neural network porting * **Participants** (also add your names here): ## Cytnx Cytnx is a scientific library which aims to provide similar experience as using numpy/scipy/pytorch. Thus, although Cytnx is written in C++, there’s python binding for users familiar with python. On the other hand, it aims to provides many efficient methods to manipulate tensors, tensor networks, linear algebra. All the critical calculation are come with CPU and GPU dedicated implementations to acheive fully usage of computer resources. * **Project link**: https://github.com/kaihsin/Cytnx * **Project Contact**: Lin Chang Teng (@jeffry1829#0568), Ke Hsu (@kjjjjjjjjj1104#5128) * **Background knowledge**: * **Software Requirements**: * **Subjects**: * **Participants** (also add your names here): ## pydoccht Python 官方說明文件臺灣繁體中文翻譯計畫 * **Project link**: https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw * **Project Contact**: Matt Wang (@mattwang44), Josix (@Josix#3800) * **Background knowledge**:中文、基礎英文、一點點 Python 經驗 * **Software Requirements**: git,有空可以先看看 [README 中的*翻譯流程* 部分](https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw#id3) * **Subjects**: 1. 翻譯計畫簡介 2. 翻譯流程教學 * **Participants** (also add your names here): ## pyLiteracy: Mandarin Grammar Checker Current issue: Repetitive-zai (再) and LocativePeriodic-zai (在). Repetitive-zai (再) and LocativePeriodic-zai (在) share the same pronunciation in Mandarin. This has led to many typos due to lack of language-decency self-awareness in modern texts. This project aims to make a Loki model that can examine whether the zai is used correctly or not. * **Project link**: https://github.com/Chenct-jonathan/Loc_zai_and_Rep_zai_parser * **Project Contact**: Jonathan Chen (@陳畯田), PeterWolf (@PeterWolf#1422) * **Background knowledge**: * **Software Requirements**: * **Subjects**: * **Participants** (also add your names here): ## commitizen-tools Create committing rules for projects 🚀 auto bump versions ⬆️ and auto changelog generation 📂 commitizen-tools 是一套可以協助團隊管理 git commit message 規範的工具,讓團隊能更容易寫出可讀的 commit message。除了提供符合 conventional commit 的規範外,還有提供數種規範模板。另外一項很重要的功能自動跳版本號跟產生 Changelog,commitizen-tools 會根據最新 merge 回 main / master branch 的 commits 的內容來判斷該怎麼跳版(follow semantic version )我另外有寫一篇教學文[Python Table Manners - Commitizen: 規格化 commit message]說明這個工具該如何使用。 * **Project link**: https://github.com/commitizen-tools * **Project Contact**: Wei Lee (@clleew#6749) * **Background knowledge**:Git。請先按照 [Contributing](https://commitizen-tools.github.io/commitizen/contributing/) 上的教學設定環境 * **Software Requirements**: * **Subjects**: 1. What is SSG? * **Participants** (also add your names here): ## Sciwork Portal Sciwork Portal is a project for maintaining our official website – Sciwork.dev, which was built by Pelican with tailwindCSS, and deployed by Netfliy. If you are interested in this project, feel free to join with us! :) * **Project link**: https://github.com/sciwork/swportal * **Project Contact**: Aya yu (@tN#6722) * **Background knowledge**:`git` * **Software Requirements**: `code editor`, `git`, `python 3.6^` * **Subjects**: * **Participants** (also add your names here): ## Training Room - Get Power From Command Line The command-line skills are essential for a programmer. It is not only cool, but also the key to develop software productively. During this training course, Mosky will teach some command line skills and introduce some interesting topics about it. This training room will be like a workshop. There are some hands-on practices for you to get familiar with the course. * **Lecturer**: [Mosky Liu](https://www.linkedin.com/in/moskyliu/?originalSubdomain=tw) * **Material**: [Get Power From Command Line](https://speakerdeck.com/mosky/get-power-from-command-line) (slides by Mosky) * **Project Contact**: oil_lin (@oil_lin#0746) * **Software Requirements**: * 如果您的作業系統是Windows, 可以先安裝好WSL, 我們會使用WSL來練習Command Line, 如果安裝不順利, 也可以到現場再安裝, 我們會協助您一起安裝. * 如果作業系統是macOS或是Linux distros(Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, etc.), 則無須擔心, 通常已經有系統內建的終端機可以來練習Command Line. * **Subjects**: 1. Introduction to command line 2. Text processing: e.g., CSV, JSON, parallelizing. 3. System management: e.g., files, processes, monitoring. 4. Work on a remote machine: e.g., SSH, SSH tunneling. 5. Developing on CLI --- Add your project with the template below: ## Project name * **Project description**: * **Project link**: * **Project Contact**: * **Background knowledge**: * **Software Requirements**: 1. ... 2. * **Subjects**: * **Participants** (also add your names here):