# Biome archives proposal with milestones The information will include images, videos, audio files and PDFs. The size of storage we are currently looking at is close to 200GB and in future this may increase close to 1TB though this will be an incremental increase over a couple of years. The ultimate aim will also be to create an interface or an interactive website in future to show linkages across the contents. We would want to create a platform which could be similar to this to begin with. https://zoeken.hetnieuweinstituut.nl/en/ https://aaa.org.hk/en/collection ### Proposed requirements Rough requirements received via email before the phone conversation * There will be 2 types of archives in the data. 1 of which will be accessible to all and a backend information that will be accessible to the admin only. > [name=Bhanu] We can architect this such that all full resolution material is under a password protected space on cloud / on premise (local) server. While the low resolution material can be accessed through the CMS to the admin. * For hosting, we would like to explore the possibility of a local system. (Though we are open to suggestions for the other options too.) In future we will have to keep adding or editing the uploaded information so it will need to be an editable platform. > [name=Bhanu] Like suggested on the call, for staging(during development) we have server space, and after estimating server requirements and may be a cost benefit analysis, we can decide on a production deployment server * As we may want to create a purchase link in future there will have to be a system in place which will allow automatically to download a file post payment by the user when it gets linked to the website. For the other times the data will be accessible to view only at low resolution. > [name=Bhanu] this feature should be completely handled by the E-Commerce platform that might be used in the future. Like mentioned in the 1st point, full resolution images can be made available under password or gate keeping. * If the CMS could be designed as an app that works offline for data entry, such that the data is uploaded directly to the online portal, every fortnight > [name=Bhanu] we might want to know more details on this requirements, seems like we missed to take this up on the phone call * User interface could be login/subscription based so that BIOME can keep a tab of activities at the backend (like Amazon) if the CMS could be designed to work across a few different languages > [name=Bhanu] login would be the most straight forward feature compared to the subscription model, we can see how we would like to prioritize as we go forward. ## Stage 1 - Backend Making all digital material available for access, search and query. Few options for the CMS: 1. Omeka: since we have already worked on Omeka and Omeka S, and it also gives a rest api for third party site integrations, which may be required for future in this project. 2. Glamkit- some powerful features and third party integrations, written in Python Django (easier to find human resources / devs) https://www.glamkit.com/ ### Features required * CMS features - * User accounts, * file management, * Archival metadata management, * Minimal (default designs / template) front end interface, * export / import from CSV * Search and indexing * ### Timeline and Human Resource 3 people / 3 months - active development + retainer maintainence contract annual * server infrastructure management - 1 person * Code development / deployment - 1 person * project and Assets management - 1 person ### Server resource could be local or cloud, shared or standalone 200 GB storage space - extensible beyond 1 TB Application platform for deployments Network requirements Price: TBD ### Budget TBD ## Stage 2 - Frontend Design and development of the archives frontend interface for presentation / browsing, Filters, search To be added ## Stage 3 - Ecomm Ecommerce integration? To be added